EXCLUSIVE: The Invite That Turned Sour

WITH Havant Tories still at war and with Remoaners still running the asylum, TBG can today sensationally reveal the identity of a rare Brexiteer in the Havant Conservative Party who invited a fellow long standing member and ardent Brexiteer back into the fold only to be blocked by colleagues led by the local Mayor running scared of a No Deal Brexit.

He’s hard working councillor and ex-serviceman Ken Smith.

Bedhampton councillor Smith didn't spot a TBG reporter when he was seen walking his dog in Havant Park last week.

A local source told TBG - “Ken is a great guy, an ardent Brexiteer, and a very hard working councillor.”

“I feel sorry that he has to work with such a bunch of Stone cold losers in the local Conservative Party.”

“I wish him a very happy retirement from his civic duties next year but be in no doubt, Brexiteers need not apply for the new vacancy come what next May.”

“The Remoaners are in total control at Havant Council offices and leader and local solicitor Michael Wilson is not budging one bit.”

“There’s about as much chance of the EU flag coming down before November as there is Dominic Grieve becoming PM.”