Corbyn Refuses to Rule Out A Caretaker PM

Jeremy Corbyn has sensationally refused to rule out supporting Ken Clarke or Harriet Harman as a caretaker Prime Minister.

Speaking in the key marginal area of Bolton, Mr Corbyn refused to say if he would support another caretaker Prime Minister.

The Labour Leader added that Labour should be invited to form a government if MPs make it clear they have no confidence in Boris Johnson’s administration.

Asked whether he would step aside and support a government of national unity, Mr Corbyn said “the normal constitutional process” was that Labour should be asked to take power.

“Labour is the largest opposition party by far, that is the process that must be followed.”

“What we need is a respect for the electoral process that brought about the result of the last general election.”

A source close to Boris Johnson, who TBG unequivocally Support told us - “More and more Tory MPs now realise that there is no turning back.”

“We are going to leave the EU.”

“Although there is still unhappiness at the thought of no deal, there is even more unhappiness at the thought of a Corbyn government.”