Brexit Party will do deal with Boris for a No Deal Brexit

FARAGE told the meeting TBG reported was happening this morning: “If Boris Johnson is prepared to do the right thing for the independence of this country, then we would put country before party and do the right thing.”

“We would be prepared to work with him, perhaps in the form of a non-aggression pact at the general election.”

“The Conservative Party has lost so much trust that the only way they could win a general election is with our support.”

“I want to make this pledge from the Brexit Party. “

“The Withdrawal Agreement is not Brexit.”

“It is a betrayal of what 17.4 million people voted for.”

“If you insist on the Withdrawal Agreement, Mr Johnson, we will fight you in every seat up and down the country.”

“My guess is I think there is a greater than 50% chance that we will face a general election in the autumn”.

“I’m pleased Boris Johnson has brought some energy and optimism to that job.”

“I’m pleased he has said we will leave ‘do or die’ on October 31.”

“The trouble is we have heard it all before.”

“In his letter to Donald Tusk, he said a deal is his biggest priority.”

“He said getting rid of the backstop would make the Withdrawal Agreement satisfactory.”

“He voted for the Withdrawal Agreement the third time it came back to Parliament.”

“Can you trust Boris Johnson, can you trust the Conservative Party? “

“With or without the backstop, this is still the worst deal in history.”