Boris Teases No Deal and Snubs Channel 4

BORIS has changed his tune remarkably as regards a possible No Deal Brexit today.

Up until recently it was “a million to one” chance.

Not now though!

The PM told TBG "I think it's going to be touch and go.”

“But the important thing is to get ready to come out without a deal."

"I do not want at this stage to say there won't be unforeseen difficulties."

“I think in the last few days there has been a dawning realisation in Brussels and other European capitals what the shape of the problem is for the UK."

And speaking in reference to the £39 Billion divorce bill the PM said it is "no longer strictly speaking owed" if there is a no-deal Brexit.

Donald Tusk will be happy!

Channel 4 got their knickers into a right twist over Boris refusing to give their so-called "journalists" an interview.

It came just days after their head of news went on a left-wing rant about him.

Arron Banks told TBG "Channel 4 is a propaganda channel, not a news channel!”

And so say all of us!