Boris all set for November General Election

SPECULATION is rife tonight that Boris Johnson may hold a General Election just one week after Britain has left the EU without a deal.

A spokesman for the Prime Minister has tonight told TBG that if MPs force him to hold a General Election, he would set the date after the October 31st Brexit deadline.

The first such date would therefore be November 7th.

Such a move would be a major blow to Nigel Farage and his Brexit Party who are currently polling at 14%, 17 points behind the Conservatives on 31%.

A Downing Street official told TBG - "We can't stop Parliament forcing an election but we control the timetable so we will force the date after October 31st."

Earlier today, TBG revealed that Remainer MPs led by Yvette Cooper and Oliver Letwin, were drawing up plans to cancel the Autumn Parliament recess for the 2019 party conference season.