Bercow Colluding With Tory Rebels From His Sunbed In Turkey

FOR somebody supposed to be impartial it’s pretty odd behaviour for a speaker to be against one piece of government legislation.

Yet that’s what John Bercow is up to.

A source last night told TBG that with Michael Gove and Dominic Cummings set to up no deal advertising in the media from tomorrow, our so called "impartial" speaker of the house has spent half of his holiday in Turkey colluding with Tory rebels including Phil Hammond and Antoinette Geraldine Mackeson-Sandbach.

Leader of the House Jacob Rees Mogg told TBG that Bercow’s behaviour was "the most constitutionally improper thing" to happen yet.

And speaking of the Tory rebels Mr Rees Mogg fumed: "These people are trying very hard to overturn the referendum result and don't want the benefits of leaving the European Union."