Another Labour MP Set to Oppose Corbyn's Brexit Coup

HOT on the heels of Kate Hoey breaking ranks last night, today it was the turn of John Woodcock.

Woodcock told Twitter - “Those who’ve said privately they could never face making Jeremy Corbyn prime minister should explain how this wheeze is supposed to work.”

“Are you banking on him not getting a majority after a confidence vote then someone else steps in?”

“And he goes along with that?”

“Get real!”

“Or do you genuinely want to make him caretaker prime minister but it’s ok because it’s only for a few weeks?”

“Except it’s not is it.”

“For the 2nd referendum plan to work you have to hope he wins the general election and stays as PM.”

“And even if you convince yourself it’s worth giving this gaslighting racist regime the keys to Number 10 to stop Brexit, you really expect these serial liar hard left Brexiteers to honour their 2nd referendum pledge as they smash up the country?”

“Wake up!”


No wonder Michael Gove calls Woodcock “a brave man!”