Saturday, 31 August 2019

Tory Rebels Up For Chop

BORIS Johnson’s gamble of prorogue has paid off according to the latest poll out this morning.

The Survation poll for the Daily Mail has the Conservatives on 31%, Labour on 24%, the Lib Dem’s On 21% and the Brexit Party on 14%.

The Tory lead is three points higher than on August 11.

Also, One month before Boris Johnson became Prime Minister 37% of Conservatives had decamped to Brexit Party.

When Johnson entered Downing St it was 25%. This week it is 16%. He needs to keep driving this number down if he wants a majority.

TBG thinks he will do this by continuing to show strong leadership including allowing no Conservative MP to be allowed to undermine our EU negotiations.

That includes:

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Alistair Burt 👋🏻

A Downing Street source told TBG - "Any Tory MP who votes for the extension legislation next week will not be allowed to stand as a Tory candidate at the next election."

Douglas Carswell told Twitter - "Even to abstain is to forfeit your party’s nomination in the coming election."

Friday, 30 August 2019

Queen Refuses to Meet Jeremy Corbyn

Well done to our magnificent Queen for refusing to meet Jeremy Corbyn.

Mr Corbyn has no democratic mandate for such a meeting thank goodness.

All Jeremy Corbyn and Jo Swinson are doing is making no deal even more likely by blatantly trying to overturn the original referendum result and trying to turn Westminster into a useless talking shop.

What Boris Johnson’s actions as regards the prorogue of Parliament amount to are bold leadership in preparation for taking our country forward after we have escaped the EU shackles.

What the actions of Trotskyite Corbyn and dictator Swinson amount to are the last throws of the dice by a bunch of undemocratic, stone cold losers.

Judge Dismisses Prorogue Block

OPPONENTS of Prime Minister Boris Johnson's move to prorogue parliament in the final weeks before Brexit lost the first of several legal bids to stop him this morning.

Scottish judge Raymond Doherty rejected the request for a temporary injunction pending a full hearing in the case on September 6. "I'm not satisfied that there's a need for an interim suspension or an interim interdict to be granted at this stage," Doherty said in his ruling.

A group of 75 parliamentarians were seeking an interim interdict at the Court of Session in Scotland.

A full hearing is now to be heard next Tuesday, rather than Friday, thus sparking speculation that the Prorogue could be extended.

Ardent Brexiteer In Second Attempt To Re Join Party

Mak & Co. rejected applicant

ARDENT Brexiteer rejected by Alan Mak’s Havant Conservatives has today made a second attempt to re join the party, TBG can sensationally reveal.

It’s understood the person in question has a second address in Lincolnshire so has now applied to an association there.

“Hopefully I will get things moving this time so I can join Boris on the Campaign trail.”

TBG reported recently how the veteran ex member was rejected by the Remoaner driven Havant Conservative Association on the basis of a “lack of trust” despite having supported the Prime Minister in no less than seven national media articles in as many weeks.

Bercow Colluding With Tory Rebels From His Sunbed In Turkey

FOR somebody supposed to be impartial it’s pretty odd behaviour for a speaker to be against one piece of government legislation.

Yet that’s what John Bercow is up to.

A source last night told TBG that with Michael Gove and Dominic Cummings set to up no deal advertising in the media from tomorrow, our so called "impartial" speaker of the house has spent half of his holiday in Turkey colluding with Tory rebels including Phil Hammond and Antoinette Geraldine Mackeson-Sandbach.

Leader of the House Jacob Rees Mogg told TBG that Bercow’s behaviour was "the most constitutionally improper thing" to happen yet.

And speaking of the Tory rebels Mr Rees Mogg fumed: "These people are trying very hard to overturn the referendum result and don't want the benefits of leaving the European Union."

Thursday, 29 August 2019

Now MPs try to Block Prorogue

HOT on the heels of trying to block no deal, opposition leaders have tonight issued a joint statement demanding a vote on the prorogation of parliament.

However, it’s not entirely clear how they will go about trying to secure a vote.

Time is extremely tight for anti no-deal legislation.

So TBG thinks it’s odd to waste even more time trying to block prorogation.

Mak Backs Boris Over Prorogue

Despite being conspicuously silent on the issue of Brexit for weeks, Tory MP Alan Mak defended Boris’ prorogue last night.

Mak told the Portsmouth News - “As with any new government, it is right that a Queen’s speech takes place to set out a new legislative agenda.”

“I am committed to ensuring that we deliver on Brexit on October 31st.”

South East Lib Dem MEP Judith Bunting was not as forthcoming.

Bunting called it “a childish act of cowardice” while Labour MP Stephen Morgan called it “reckless and undemocratic.”

TBG was one of the first U.K. political blogs to forecast Boris’ plan to prorogue Parliament week’s ago!

Mak’s latest creeping comments fly in the face of comments made this morning by David Liddington who Mak used to be PPS to.

Liddington told Radio 4 Today earlier - “Some of my Tory colleagues who are cheering at the moment would be turning purple with rage if this had happened under a Labour government.”

Boris Johnson is Right to Prorogue Parliament

Of course Boris Johnson is right to prorogue Parliament.

What Boris is doing amounts to bold leadership.

It paves the way for life in Britain after we have left the EU.

There is still time for debate after the EU summit on October 17-18 but Boris has to realise that the backstop must go as must Theresa May’s treacherous Withdrawal Agreement.

If the EU won’t budge on that then Boris Johnson would be absolutely right to walk away with no deal.

It’s not Boris who will go down as Mr No Deal - it would be the EU who would go down for refusing to negotiate a way around their tightening shackles.

I for one hope that it will be the beginning of the end for Brussels rule.

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

Boris Prorogue Is Happening

A couple of weeks ago Downing Street sources told TBG the Government intends to prorogue Parliament as soon as possible, within days.

Boris Johnson today said a Queen's Speech would take place after the suspension, on 14 October, to outline his "very exciting agenda".

John Bercow has accused Boris of "constitutional outrage".

Dominic Grieve says Boris is "playing an extremely dirty game" and is "behaving like a revolutionary rather than a Conservative Prime Minister".

The former Attorney General says prorogation is "tantamount to a coup against Parliament.”

TBG has been calling for prorogue for weeks.

Nigel Evans told TBG - “What is profoundly undemocratic is pro EU remainer MPs doing all in their power to stop brexit or chain us to the EU customs union and single market preventing free trade deals and costing us billions.”

“They also want to weaken the PMs negotiating stance to that of a rule taker.”

Power to your elbow Nigel!

Uproar As Barwell Is Offered Peerage

THERE was uproar last night at the news that Theresa May’s former right hand man Gavin Barwell is set to be made a peer.

Barwell was instrumental in helping draw up the former Prime Minister’s treacherous Withdrawal Agreement

He was at her side at a number of embarrassing appearances with EU leaders in Brussels.

TBG campaigned with Barwell in Croydon in 2015 as part of the infamous Road Trip campaign.

Yet in 2017, having defended his ultra marginal Croydon seat just two years earlier and written a book about it, Barwell lost due to May’s disastrous snap General Election campaign.

Yet rather than tell Barwell to campaign to take it back next time, Appeaser Theresa took pitty on the former CCHQ boss by making him her right hand man.

Talk about rewarding failure!

One other name TBG is keeping an eye on as regards May’s resignation honours list is former Portsmouth South MP Flick Drummond.

Drummond had just as bad a campaign in the 2017 General Election when she too lost to Labour.

However, Remoaner Drummond sparked honours rumours off when she recently stood aside to give Brexiteer Donna Jones a clear run for the Tories next time round.

Both Lib Dem Gerald Vernon Jackson and sitting Labour MP Stephen Morgan are ardent undemocratic Remoaners!

Yet whilst Brexiteer Jones recently welcomed TBG's offer to campaign for her next time, Remoaner Drummond has other ideas and is using her CCHQ clout to argue that our roving reporter “cannot be trusted!”

Now where have we heard that before?

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

A Blatant act to Overthrow the Referendum Result

So, Jeremy Corbyn has written to MPs and his party have supported calls to block a no deal Brexit.

They apparently call it undemocratic!

Yet how can approving the will of 17.4 million people in the biggest act of democracy of my lifetime be such?

This is a blatant act to overthrow the referendum result.

The Prime Minister should prorogue Parliament, go no deal, sign a non aggression pact with the Brexit Party, and get on with the job in hand.

A no deal Brexit would mean no Brexit Party and clear blue water between a loser called Corbyn and a winner called Johnson.

Corbyn in Plea to Tory MPs to Undermine Brexit Position

SOME 160 MPs have joined a cross-party plan to stop a no-deal Brexit being forced through, by 'using whatever mechanism possible'.

Jeremy Corbyn has written to 116 Conservative & Independent MPs asking them to work with him to block a no deal Brexit.

Theresa May, and Philip Hammond have both seen the letter.

Brexit Party will do deal with Boris for a No Deal Brexit

FARAGE told the meeting TBG reported was happening this morning: “If Boris Johnson is prepared to do the right thing for the independence of this country, then we would put country before party and do the right thing.”

“We would be prepared to work with him, perhaps in the form of a non-aggression pact at the general election.”

“The Conservative Party has lost so much trust that the only way they could win a general election is with our support.”

“I want to make this pledge from the Brexit Party. “

“The Withdrawal Agreement is not Brexit.”

“It is a betrayal of what 17.4 million people voted for.”

“If you insist on the Withdrawal Agreement, Mr Johnson, we will fight you in every seat up and down the country.”

“My guess is I think there is a greater than 50% chance that we will face a general election in the autumn”.

“I’m pleased Boris Johnson has brought some energy and optimism to that job.”

“I’m pleased he has said we will leave ‘do or die’ on October 31.”

“The trouble is we have heard it all before.”

“In his letter to Donald Tusk, he said a deal is his biggest priority.”

“He said getting rid of the backstop would make the Withdrawal Agreement satisfactory.”

“He voted for the Withdrawal Agreement the third time it came back to Parliament.”

“Can you trust Boris Johnson, can you trust the Conservative Party? “

“With or without the backstop, this is still the worst deal in history.”

EXCLUSIVE: Mak's Rights Hand Man

There’s an old saying in politics that it takes two to tango and when it comes to Havant MP Alan Mak there’s no better man to do just that than Mak’s right hand man Alex Rennie.

A local councillor for Bondfields Ward in Havant, Rennie is another member of the Remoaner mob running the Havant Tory asylum.

TBG can sensationally reveal that is was Rennie who tried to act as middle man for Mak in his dispute with an ardent Brexiteer and former party stalwart who’s been denied a return to the party.

TBG asked Rennie recently why the ardent hard working Brexiteer has been rejected and was told that Mak and his Remoaner mob have no control over who comes and who goes.

You can say that again!

TBG finds it strange why Mak refuses to speak to the Tory Reject directly rather than use his loyal assistant Rennie to do his dirty work.

Is he afraid of spilling the beans about what’s really happening as regards the bitter in fighting that has seen the local association exposed for their somewhat strange leanings of late?

Or is he still counting the cost for not getting promoted after backing the wrong man in the leadership contest when he helped run continuity May candidate Jeremy Hunt ‘s doomed campaign?

Given his local party’s continued obsession with flying that dreaded EU flag over Council HQ, TBG thinks Mak is in for a even longer wait to get back on the Westminster bubble’s greasy pole because Boris and his team are going to be occupying Number Ten for sometime yet!

Brexit Party to Outline General Election Plan

TBG has learnt that despite the prospect of a no deal Brexit rising by the hour, Nigel Farage and Richard Tice will set out The Brexit Party’s general election plans on Twitter today at 11am.

The party has already selected 225 out of 650 candidates to date with an election expected shortly after Brexit has finally taken place.

Wycombe MP Steve Baker told TBG - "It is becoming obvious to all now that the Brexit Party standing against the Conservative Party would produce a massive own goal."

Crispin Blunt, a former Tory minister, said - "Are they really interested in Brexit, or are they interested in damaging the Conservative Party?"

Monday, 26 August 2019

EXCLUSIVE: The Invite That Turned Sour

WITH Havant Tories still at war and with Remoaners still running the asylum, TBG can today sensationally reveal the identity of a rare Brexiteer in the Havant Conservative Party who invited a fellow long standing member and ardent Brexiteer back into the fold only to be blocked by colleagues led by the local Mayor running scared of a No Deal Brexit.

He’s hard working councillor and ex-serviceman Ken Smith.

Bedhampton councillor Smith didn't spot a TBG reporter when he was seen walking his dog in Havant Park last week.

A local source told TBG - “Ken is a great guy, an ardent Brexiteer, and a very hard working councillor.”

“I feel sorry that he has to work with such a bunch of Stone cold losers in the local Conservative Party.”

“I wish him a very happy retirement from his civic duties next year but be in no doubt, Brexiteers need not apply for the new vacancy come what next May.”

“The Remoaners are in total control at Havant Council offices and leader and local solicitor Michael Wilson is not budging one bit.”

“There’s about as much chance of the EU flag coming down before November as there is Dominic Grieve becoming PM.”

Boris Teases No Deal and Snubs Channel 4

BORIS has changed his tune remarkably as regards a possible No Deal Brexit today.

Up until recently it was “a million to one” chance.

Not now though!

The PM told TBG "I think it's going to be touch and go.”

“But the important thing is to get ready to come out without a deal."

"I do not want at this stage to say there won't be unforeseen difficulties."

“I think in the last few days there has been a dawning realisation in Brussels and other European capitals what the shape of the problem is for the UK."

And speaking in reference to the £39 Billion divorce bill the PM said it is "no longer strictly speaking owed" if there is a no-deal Brexit.

Donald Tusk will be happy!

Channel 4 got their knickers into a right twist over Boris refusing to give their so-called "journalists" an interview.

It came just days after their head of news went on a left-wing rant about him.

Arron Banks told TBG "Channel 4 is a propaganda channel, not a news channel!”

And so say all of us!

Sunday, 25 August 2019

EXPOSED: Mayor Blocks Tory Applicant

[Image source]

HAVANT Mayor Diana Patrick is at the centre of a huge row regarding an alleged "Campaign" to block an ardent Brexiteer from re joining the Conservative Party, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Patrick, an ardent Remainer, rejected calls by protesters earlier this year calling for the EU flag to be permanently removed from Havant Borough Council offices.

Over 60% of Havant constituents voted to Leave the EU in 2016 and the Brexit Party romped to victory in the European Elections earlier this year.

One local source told TBG - "It seems Patrick and her Remoaner mob continue to fail to respect the results and continue a civil war by preventing an ardent Brexiteer from re joining the local Conservative Party."

Will Boris Risk It All?

The Observer are on Sunday reporting a story TBG ran weeks ago.

Namely that Boris Johnson is, after all, seriously contemplating proroguing the U.K. Parliament.

Boris is said to have taken advice from Geoffrey Cox ahead of a judicial decision expected on the issue on September 6th.

If given the go ahead Parliament would be shut for six weeks from September 9th to October 21st.

However Boris could risk it all.

The Mail on Sunday are the first paper to suggest that with two polls in the last week giving Boris a double digit lead over Labour, he may go to the country BEFORE Brexit Day.

The date the Mail on Sunday are touting is October 17th.

The government have responded to the Observer story - “The claim that the government is considering proroguing parliament in September in order to stop MPs debating Brexit is entirely false”.

Labour Bottle No Confidence Vote

CORBYN was supposed to be tabling it on Sep 3rd.

Now though, it’s being claimed that the Labour Leader is to wait at least another two weeks.

TBG thinks it’s an admission that support among Tory rebels hasn't come.

Instead, the first two weeks of Parliament ‘s early September sitting will see Remainer MPs try to seize control of Parliamentary business instead.

Pro EU MPs including Dominic Grieve and Philip Hammond have said privately that they expect to seize control of U.K. Parliament on September 9th.

It’s understood that Yvette Cooper and Oliver Letwin intend to push through a Bill to request another Article 50 extension.

However, if Cooper and Letwin fail, the rebels would have no alternative but to back Mr Corbyn’s confidence vote if they were serious about blocking no-deal.

Boris Responds to Tusk

BORIS tells TBG - “I’ve made it clear I don’t want a no-deal Brexit but I say to our friends in the EU if they don’t want a no-deal Brexit we have got to get rid of the backstop from the treaty and if Donald Tusk doesn’t want to go down as Mr No-Deal Brexit then I hope that point will be born in mind by him too.”

TBG thinks it is astonishing how UK journalists allow Tusk to get away with talking so much nonsense.

EU member states are already cooperating on a no deal scenario with hundreds of arrangements legislated for unilaterally already.

Saturday, 24 August 2019

EU Top Dogs Start Playing The Blame Game

DONALD Tusk has just said that Boris Johnson won’t want to got down in history as "Mr No Deal" Brexit and warned that the EU "will not co-operate" on No Deal Brexit.

However, Tusk says that the EU is “willing to listen to ideas that are operational, realistic and acceptable” to member states.

What Donald Tusk is not saying is that he and Jean-Claude Juncker will go down as the No Deal European Council and Commission Presidents And Michel Barnier will go down as the EU Chief Negotiator who couldn’t negotiate a ‘deal’ the UK could ratify.

TBG can’t help thinking that it will be the EU who have failed, rather than Boris!

Another Brexiteer Fires Warning Shot at Boris

ANOTHER Brexiteer has today sensationally fired a warning shot at the Prime Minister by insisting that it is the Withdrawal Agreement that must change as well as the backstop.

Sir Bill Cash, who chairs the UK parliament’s European Scrutiny committee told TBG: "You can't restore self-government as a cut and paste operation.”

"We will be governed for a number of years by the other 27 member states under the existing draft withdrawal agreement even with the backstop removed."

Many other Brexiteer Tories are said to be concerned about the £39 billion divorce fee being agreed before a trade deal has been drawn up.

Some are concerned about the continuing influence of the European Court of Justice.

Tory Reject Accuses Association Of Bullying

Former Tory activist was allegedly accused of being a Brexit Party plant

ARDENT Brexiteer who applied to join the Tories after a two year absence and was rejected, has accused the Remainers driven Tory association in Havant of vicious bullying, TBG can sensationally reveal .

He told TBG - “I know stories of Tory members who actively campaigned for the Brexit Party without resigning their membership so they could vote for Boris.”

“Fair play to them!”

“Yet because I left the party to Campaign for a proper Brexit, even though Brexiteers have control of the party at large, I am being bullied and smeared against by a group of hard core Remoaners led by Alan Mak who are just bad losers.”

“If they had their way Brexit would never happen.”

“All I can say is thank goodness for the Brexiteers taking over the party at large because as far a I’m concerned, the bullies in the Havant Association are people I wouldn’t want to associate myself with anyway.”

“They are all in it for their own ends to further their own agendas and their own careers.”

“I was invited to re-join the party by a local councillor and I know full well now that it was a vicious trap to try and finish me off.”

“They’ve got another thing coming!”

The infighting continues.

Boris to Meet Trump on Sunday

BORIS Johnson is to have first face-to-face talks with Donald Trump since becoming Prime Minister on Sunday, TBG can reveal.

TBG understands they will hold a bilateral meeting at the G7 summit with a Post-Brexit trade deal set to be on the agenda.

Boris told TBG PM ahead of G7:

“Some people question the democratic decision this country has made, fearing that we will retreat from the world.”

“Some think Britain’s best days are behind us.”

“To those people I say: you are gravely mistaken.”

Friday, 23 August 2019

Davis Bashes Boris

HOT on the heels of a successful two days with Merkel and Macron, leading Brexiteers are already throwing spanner’s in the works.

They are led by former Brexit Secretary David Davis who warmed that he might not support a new exit deal if it only succeeds in stripping out the Northern Ireland backstop.

Mr. Davis told TBG - "I’d argue for contingency on the money."

"I’d argue for tighter limits, timetable limits, sunset clauses on ECJ and things like that."

“I’d have a small shopping list. “

"It wouldn’t be a ridiculous one, but one I think that any serious European Parliament and any European Council that wants a deal could go with.2

"If I were doing this for Boris, I would be insistent that they make the bill - the £39 billion, the second half of it - contingent on progress on the future economic partnership."

Meanwhile, Tory Remainers led by Philip Hammond are said to be preparing to hold their own talks with Brussels in bid to reach agreement on another Article 50 extension.

Hammond is said to have retained extensive contacts book of European leaders & ministers from his time as Chancellor.

TBG can’t help thinking that Hammond May be breaching GDPR laws from when he was Chancellor too?

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Former Tory MP Boles Rejects Corbyn's Brexit Offer

FORMER Tory Nick Boles has sensationally responded to Jeremy Corbyn’s letter by calling on the Labour Leader to try and extend Article 50 and rule out an early election.

Boles said in his letter he wouldn't be able to support any government led by Jeremy Corbyn.

Boles told Twitter: “Most of the MPs who led the successful attempt to stop No Deal Brexit at the end of March decided to put the interests of the country before the interests of their party, and their own careers. Corbyn and the Labour frontbench need to do the same.”

“If he wants to be trusted on No Deal Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn needs to focus on legislation to secure an Article 50 extension and rule out facilitating any election before that has happened. My reply to his latest letter.”

Who would have thought it? Read full letter HERE

Boris Lays Out His Demands To Macron

BORIS tells Macron - “Under no circumstances will the UK government be imposing checks or controls of any kind on the border”

UK PM tells President Macron that he believes there are “ways to protect the single market and allow the UK to exit from the EU, whole and entire.”

"We are leaving!"

President Macron responds by saying that the EU has “negotiated at length” the withdrawal agreement with the United Kingdom.

TBG wonders which part of the Withdrawal Agreement being voted down three times by parliament did Monsieur Macron miss?

In response Boris Johnson chides Macron by contrasting his pessimism to Merkel's "can do spirit".

Where there’s a will there’s a way hey Boris? TBG thinks it may all come down to who gets the blame for No Deal if it happens.

Corbyn is a Liability

Jeremy Corbyn never changes does he.

His latest plot to halt a possible no deal Brexit plays straight into the hands of the EU.

Can Mr Corbyn not see that the whole reason why the EU as a whole won’t budge is because they think that the U.K. Parliament can overturn it?

Thank goodness this man isn’t Prime Minister.

Under Appeaser Theresa, he got his six tests met and still rejected them!

Thank goodness for the Tory rebels now in government who knew better.

Boris is outstanding but Corbyn is a liability

UK Signs South Korea Trade Deal

LIZ Truss is today signing her first trade deal as Trade Secretary with South Korea.

Truss told TBG - “Britain’s trading relationship with South Korea is already worth £14.6bn.”

“Now it will be even greater with our independent trade policy after we leave the EU on 31 Oct.”

Brexit is happening folks!

Wednesday, 21 August 2019

Macron Set To Block Merkel Backstop Deal


ANGELA Merkel has tonight said that it "may be" possible to ditch the backstop only for the French President to pour cold water on her remarks.

Even though the PM has offered the EU a new plan to replace the backstop, French President Emmanuel Macron is all set to block it tomorrow, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Macron has just told reporters in Paris that thank Johnson's demand to renegotiate UK's exit is "not an option!”

Macron said scrapping Irish backstop was impossible and would give EU an unacceptable choice between protecting its internal market or preserving peace in Ireland.

Macron said EU would not be to blame for a no-deal.

"It will be the responsibility of the British government, always, because firstly it was the British people that decided Brexit, and the British government has the possibility up to the last second to revoke Article 50.”

Which simply underlines how the EU still seem to think that the UK Parliament can overturn Brexit.

Prepare for fireworks tomorrow because no Deal is now really looking likely.

Letwin to Stand Down as MP

Letwin (center) was invited by Corbyn to conspire to block Brexit

HOT on the heels of his letter from Corbyn earlier, Oliver Letwin’s office has confirmed to TBG that he will stand down as MP at the next general election.

Jumped before pushed?

The staunch opponent of a no-deal Brexit was first elected to Parliament as MP for West Dorset in 1997 and was behind a series of cross-party moves to block Britain leaving the EU.

Corbyn Writes to Rebels Again

ONE might think that with the Tories opening up a 14 point lead over Labour this morning, the last thing Jeremy Corbyn would want is an election.

However, it hasn’t deterred the Labour leader from writing to rebels Tory MPs and opposition leaders again to ask them to meet next week to discuss how to stop a no deal Brexit.

TBG can sensationally reveal that this letter has been sent to SNP Westminster leader Ian Blackford, Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson, Plaid leader Liz Saville Roberts, Green MP Caroline Lucas, Change UK Leader Anna Soubry, along with rebel tories Guto Bebb, Dominic Grieve, Oliver Letwin and Caroline Spelman and ex-Tory Nick Boles.

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Reject Denies Being Brexit Party Plant

IT is understood that this is the person orchestrating a campaign to prevent a well known ardent Brexiteer and former Tory councillor from returning to the party, TBG can sensationally reveal.

She is the Conservative Party Forums Voluntary Party Director and former Portsmouth South MP, Flick Drummond.

Drummond has allegedly told members of the Havant Conservatives that the applicant is a “plant” from the Brexit Party.

The applicant vigorously denies this is the case telling TBG - “The moment Boris Johnson became Prime Minister and promised to take us out of the EU on October 31st, the Brexit Party became a hindrance to Brexit.”

“Hence I immediately left the Brexit Party and withdrew from all Brexit Party social media activity to come back home to the Conservatives.”

Since the rejection, TBG can exclusively reveal that the applicant has rejected multiple offers of a meeting with Havant MP Alan Mak in order to focus on building bridges and renewing friendship with Flick Drummond and Penny Mordaunt.

“I’ve spoken to multiple contacts in Portsmouth but even though progress is being made, Flick clearly thinks I am a Farage plant.”

“I am not a plant at all - I am just wanting to return to the party I love now that I believe I have got the Brexit I wanted!”

“The Remoaners in Havant can weep all they like.”

“We are leaving the EU on October 31st and that is why I want to come back!”

“I am backing Boris to the hilt in social media and in the press - I would not be doing that if I didn’t want him for the long term.”

“Boris is our nation’s future and the Remoaners are our nation’s past.”

“Flick needs to get over the fact that I helped bring down her friend Theresa and instead get behind my friend Boris!”

Drummond is a close friend of Theresa May and along with Meon Valley MP George Hollingberry ran her leadership campaign in 2016.

Monday, 19 August 2019

Boris is Standing up to the Doom Mongering Plotters

Well done Boris Johnson for standing up to the doom mongering plotters in his own party who are clearly trying to scupper his forthcoming EU talks.

The fact that they are the same people who either blocked no deal planning or funding under Theresa May’s regime says it all.

If these people even threaten to bring down the government in a vote of no confidence then the Prime Minister should kick them out of the party.

When I was standing up to Appeaser Theresa, it was outside the party so I say the same principle should apply to the plotters.

The fact that Jeremy Corbyn is now trying to block a no deal Brexit only exposes his true communist colours.

If Corbyn wants a vote of no confidence then I say Boris should challenge him to an election after October 31st.

By then we will have left the EU and all the doom mongers will be exposed for the utter deceit they stand for.

Boris get’s my vote any day.

Tory Reject Once Protected Dominic Grieve

LONG term Tory activist and Brexiteer rejected by the Remoaners at Havant Conservatives once looked after Boris Johnson’s arch critic Dominic Grieve, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Mr Grieve, who this weekend told BBC Good Morning Scotland that he wouldn’t rule out being caretaker Prime Minister himself, was looked after during a visit to Lincoln in the 2005 General Election Campaign.

“Dominic had come up to Campaign with us for the day and I And a friend had the blessed task of driving him back to Newark Railway station.

“He came across as a really nice guy even though he was on the phone to Michael Howard most of the time.”

“His legal brain is astounding!”

“If I bumped into him tomorrow though I think it’s fair to say we would have plenty more to talk about than we did then.”

“Boris is doing a great job and I’m going to back him to the hilt TIL the sun don’t shine!”

Government Hits Out at No Deal Scaremongering

BUSINESS minister and Boris loyalist Kwasi Kwarteng has hit out at fresh scaremongering over a No Deal Brexit after it emerged that leaked yellowhammer documents were produced under Theresa May's government.

Speaking to Sophy Ridge on Sky News, Mr. Kwarteng said - "I think there is a lot of scaremongering around and a lot of people are playing into Project Fear and all the rest of it."

"Now that we have a Prime Minister who is very much focused on preparing for no deal we will be fully prepared to leave without a deal on 31 October."

Meanwhile, Wellingborough MP and Theresa May critic Peter Bone has backed TBG's call for anyone even threatening to bring down the government in a vote of no conference to have the Tory whip withdrawn.

The news comes after the Mail on Sunday released a list of Tory MPs who could do just that.

Mr Bone told Politics Home - "Boris Johnson was elected as leader of the Conservative Party with two thirds of members supporting him."

"If any Conservative MP work to bring down the Conservative government, they must lose the whip and be expelled from the party."

One MP on the Mail on Sunday list seemed to deny he was on the verge of such a move.

Jonathan Djanogly, who succeeded John Major as MP for Huntingdon told Twitter that there were - "Wild unresearched reports conflating opposition to no deal Brexit with support for no confidence votes aimed at confusing the public."

However, one person missing from the list that TBG understands does support the so called government of national unity and bringing down Boris Johnson is Mid Sussex MP Nicholas Soames.

When a TBG reporter tried to follow Soames and Eddisbury MP, Antoinette Sandbach on Twitter, he was immediately blocked!

The government has also now sensationally accused Remain supporting former ministers of "deliberately leaking" details of no deal planning by Theresa May's government to damage Boris Johnson's trip to see Macron and Merkel later this week.

Sunday, 18 August 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Activist Membership Rejection Letter

A long-term Tory activist has been sensationally rejected membership due to the "remainer rumblings" in their local association, TBG can reveal.

The hard working pro Brexit activist reckons the inmates have taken over the asylum in Havant and are running scared of a No Deal Brexit.

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Grieve Repeats Threat To Bring Down Boris

Grieve (right) is one of the Tory/Corbyn Conspirators

SPEAKING to Matt Frei on LBC, Grieve said - "He (Jeremy Corbyn) says he wishes to stop a no-deal Brexit."

"I'm wholly in support of that."

"We can talk to each other how we can co-ordinate and co-operate in order to achieve that.”

"He's also said that he thinks the answer is to set up an interim administration led by him in order to get an extension to Article 50 and hold a General Election.”

"It's not workable."

"I will try to find alternative ways of resolving this which don't involve bringing down my own government."

"But if I cannot do so and I come to the conclusion it is the only way in which a hard Brexit can be avoided, I will have to do that."

Corbyn Refuses to Rule Out A Caretaker PM

Jeremy Corbyn has sensationally refused to rule out supporting Ken Clarke or Harriet Harman as a caretaker Prime Minister.

Speaking in the key marginal area of Bolton, Mr Corbyn refused to say if he would support another caretaker Prime Minister.

The Labour Leader added that Labour should be invited to form a government if MPs make it clear they have no confidence in Boris Johnson’s administration.

Asked whether he would step aside and support a government of national unity, Mr Corbyn said “the normal constitutional process” was that Labour should be asked to take power.

“Labour is the largest opposition party by far, that is the process that must be followed.”

“What we need is a respect for the electoral process that brought about the result of the last general election.”

A source close to Boris Johnson, who TBG unequivocally Support told us - “More and more Tory MPs now realise that there is no turning back.”

“We are going to leave the EU.”

“Although there is still unhappiness at the thought of no deal, there is even more unhappiness at the thought of a Corbyn government.”

Brexit Party Founder Joins Tories

Blaiklock set up the party and Farage (above) took over

CATHERINE Blaiklock, who set up the party before Mr Farage took over, said she was leaving to back new Prime Minister Boris Johnson's plans to push Brexit through on 31st October.

She told Andrew Pierce on LBC earlier - “The Brexit Party achieved a great result and they had a great influence of getting rid of May but we've now got Boris.”

"We are in a very fragile situation.”

“The Brexit Party doesn't have any MPs.”

“It has no power whatsoever to do anything.”

Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Mak?

IF there was ever an award for the creepiest Tory MP, it might almost certainly go to Havant MP Alan Mak.

TBG will never forget his most fascinating interview with Simon McCoy the afternoon after Appeaser Theresa lost her majority in 2017.

Mak followed that up by supporting Theresa May’s botched and treacherous Withdrawal Agreement all the way.

His reward for that was being made a PPS to David Liddington and no doubt witnessing Greg Clark’s adamant refusal to allow any no Deal planning despite promising constituents we would be out of the EU in March.

Cue the European Elections and his constituency votes overwhelmingly for the Brexit Party.

His response to that was, rather amazingly, to vote for no Deal.

Yet Mak’s true colours never change. Sniffing another promotion, he jumped on Jeremy Hunt’s Campaign team only to back the wrong man.

Meanwhile, despite a protest at a mayoral service, his Tory colleagues and Remainer friends at Havant Council still continue to fly the EU flag.

And finally, just for good measure, TBG can sensationally reveal that this week Mak’s local party rejected a regular Boris supporter and ardent Brexiteer from re-joining the party.

Which begs the question, does Mak know something TBG doesn’t?

Boris will not be pleased!

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