Government Announces Living Wage Increase

The government has today announced that The National Living Wage is rising to £8.72 from April 1 2020.

This means a pay-rise of over £930 per year for full-time workers on the National Living Wage.

As a result, the Government remains on track to meet it’s target for the National Living Wage to reach 60% of median earnings by 2020.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson told TBG - “Hard work should always pay.”

“For too long, people haven’t seen the pay rises they deserve.”

“Our government will put a stop to that, giving nearly three million people from Edinburgh to Eastbourne a well-earned pay rise, including the biggest ever cash boost to the National Living Wage.”

“But that’s not all. As we enter a new decade, we’re setting our sights higher, to help people earn more over the next five years and level up access to opportunity across our great country.”

Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sajid Javid, said “This latest rise will mean that since we introduced the National Living Wage in 2016, the lowest paid will have had a wage increase of more than £3,600.”

“But we want to do more to level up and tackle the cost of living, which is why the NLW will increase further to £10.50 by 2024 on current forecasts.”

Business and Energy Secretary, Andrea Leadsom, said “We want to make the UK the best place in the world to work and grow a business.”

“Employment is at a record high and as well as investing to meet that ambition, we also want to make sure that people get to keep more of what they earn.”

“Our people’s pay rise and we want to make the UK the first country in the world to eliminate low pay in the next five years.”

“The Government has fully accepted the Low Pay Commission’s recommendations. In September the Chancellor pledged to increase the NLW towards a new target which, on current forecasts, would make it around £10.50 per hour.”

“The introduction of the NLW has already delivered the fastest pay rise for the lowest earners in 20 years, putting more cash into the pockets of those who need it the most. Supported by the NLW, the lowest paid saw their wages grow by 8% above inflation between April 2015 and April 2018.“

Uproar As Blair Caught Out With Nose In EU Trough

TBG can sensationally reveal that whilst Tony Blair was campaigning for a second EU Referendum he was also applying for EU funding for his own Global Change Project as part of The Tony Blair Institute.

He was even talking with officials at the EU and European Commission.

TBG understands that he even considered registering the institute in “an EU partner country.”

Labour War Intensifies

The war in Labour has today sensationally intensified.

TBG has learnt that a number of former MPs have demanded a major probe into Jeremy Corbyn’s disastrous campaign.

They include Phil Wilson in Sedgefield and Mary Creagh in Wakefield.

In a letter to the leadership the MPs said - “We lost seats in every region with the highest swing again us coming from the poorest people.”

“We have to look at what went wrong.”

“We were rejected on the doorsteps because the very people we were supposed to be fighting for didn’t think our manifesto related to them.”

Tories Mull Over A BBC Sell Off

There was a rumour on Twitter last week that BBC staff have been bricking themselves since the election result.

Viewing figures for the News and Parliament channels have plunged and BBC World remains cut off from the tax payer.

Little wonder that Tory MPs are now openly urging Boris Johnson to do what was once unthinkable and target the bias beeb.

One minister told TBG that “there is a real appetite for change.”

“We are fed up with their bias on every major issue.”

One even called them the “Brussels Broadcasting Corporation.”

Andrew Bridgen told TBG - “The protected status that the BBC has enjoyed is not their saviour or salvation.”

“Decriminalisation of the licencing fee will be a catalyst for change.”

“How the BBC responds will decide its future.”

Boris Saves Taxpayers Thousands By Travelling Economy Class

THE Prime Minister saved the taxpayer up to £98,000 by travelling economy class when he eventually went on his holidays.

Had he used the RAF and his security it would have cost over £100,000.

Instead it cost Boris and Carrie the small sum of £2,600.

Carrie Symonds and Boris Johnson touched down in St Lucia on Thursday morning after a long-haul British Airways flight from London.

Cabin crew squeezed around Mr Johnson and his St Lucian counterpart Allen Chastanet for a picture on the steps of the airplane after it landed.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Our blog writers are on Christmas break until 6th January 2020.


Boris Gets Brexit Done

BORIS Johnson this morning reintroduced his Brexit Bill as he had previously promised in the Conservatives manifesto.

There are no amendments at second reading so there will be one straight vote later.

The Prime Minister told U.K. Parliament - “Now is the time to discard the old labels of Leave and Remain.”

“The Withdrawal Bill is a chance for this new parliament to come together and end the deadlock over Brexit.”

Boris used Charlie Brown, Romeo and Juliet as Brexit analogies and likened the Brexit delays to “the pain of Prometheus having his liver pecked out by an eagle on a daily basis.”

Jeremy Corbyn confirmed that Labour will vote against Brexit bill saying it was still “a terrible bill” and “a battering ram for deregulation.”

More Labour Red On Red Legal Action

TBG can sensationally reveal even more Labour in fighting tonight.

This time it involves the former Labour MP Anna Turley.

She is expected to seek more than £1m in court costs and damages from Unite the union and the editor of Skwawkbox, her legal team has said.

This is on top of the £75,000 awarded today by the High Court following a libel trial [pic above].

Huge Row Breaks Out Inside Labour On Twitter

If you think things were bad for Labour in London then spare a thought for the party in Crewe where the Labour leader of East Cheshire Council has caused uproar by writing in his Christmas message to residents that local voters were "not impressed" with the "behaviour" of Labour MPs like Laura Smith who voted in favour of Boris's Brexit Bill.

As a result, a massive row has broken out with his own councillors on Twitter.


Mr Stop Brexit Hangs Up His Hat

MR Stop Brexit and former Lib Dem candidate Steven Bray has finally called it a day, TBG can sensationally reveal.

The 50 year old finally threw the towel in after Boris Johnson’s stunning election win.

Having funded his protest by selling off his coin collection and moving to London from Port Talbot, South Wales, Bray had been heckling on College Green in Westminster for 847 days despite being called an idiot my Mark Francois and a moron by Piers Morgan.

Battle For The Labour Party Intensifies

A war for the heart and soul of Labour after their fourth successive election defeat is this morning intensifying.

Yesterday Jeremy Corbyn got a dressing down from Mary Creagh who lost her Wakefield seat and accused him of being a, "man without honour and without shame.”

Today though, Tony Blair is set to have his say and Keir Starmer is expected to announce he will stand for leader.

Starmer is the bookies favourite but TBG understands that Rebecca Long Bailey is set to pose a serious threat after her flat mate Angela Rayner all but endorsed her.

One other MP worth keeping an eye on is Wigan MP Lisa Nandy.

She told Newsnight last night - “If I genuinely believe I can understand the root to regaining the trust of lifelong labour voters, who felt that they couldn’t vote Labour… then yes, of course, I would do it.”

Employment And Wages At Record Highs

UNEMPLOYMENT is at its lowest level since 1975.

The employment rate and the number of people in full-time work are at record highs. Wages have risen ahead of prices for 21 months in a row.

Unemployment rate is at its lowest level since January 1975 (3.8%).

Unemployment has fallen to 1.28 million.

That’s down 93,000 over the past year and down by 1.23 million since 2010.

Employment rate overall is 32.8 million (76.2%).

That’s up 309,000 over the last year and up by 3.75 million since 2010.

Number of people in full-time work at a record high with an increase of 24,000 taking the total number of people in full time work up to 24.24 million.

That’s up 272,000 over the last year and 3.02 million since 2010.

Average weekly earnings for employees increased by 3.5 per cent compared with a year earlier.

Thus growing by 1.8 per cent after adjusting for inflation.

Wages have risen ahead of prices for 21 months in a row now too.

466,000 fewer young people out of work since 2010.

Boris Set To Shrink Cabinet After Brexit

WHEN Boris makes his big cabinet reshuffle after Brexit Day the number of members is going to shrink to as low as just 18.

In the meantime, the PM will use his new majority to push through a radically altered Brexit Bill.

Thus meaning that there cannot be any extension of the transition period beyond December 31st next year.

TBG understands that Downing Street intends to hold a vote on the bill this Friday.

TBG has also learnt that Mr Johnson intends to shake up the House of Lords by appointing Brexit supporting peers.

Last night Boris surprised everyone by keeping Nicky Morgan on as Culture Secretary, after being elevated to the Lords

It is the first time a peer has been appointed to a Cabinet role since Lord Adonis and Lord Mandelson under Labour.

Lady Thatcher did the same with Lord Young in the 1980’s.

Simon Hart is the new Welsh Secretary and this pic has details of ministerial changes st the M.O.D.

Conservatives Set To Boycott Radio 4 Today Programme

HOT on the heels of our story last night that John Whittingdale is set to be appointed Culture Secretary, TBG can sensationally reveal that Downing Street is this morning putting out the word today that it is boycotting the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

It’s because of its, and the BBC’s, ‘bias’ against Boris Johnson and the Conservatives during the 2919 General Election campaign.

Robert Jenrick told the BBC “We are going to look at the licence fee because we do think it is an unusual arrangement that it is criminalised.”

"That's putting a lot of pressure, which I think is unnecessary, on the criminal justice system."

Labour At War

Oh Balls

TBG can sensationally reveal that Labour’s General Secretary Jennie Formby has written to the Labour NEC saying Jeremy Corbyn has asked for a leadership election to allow a new leader can be in place by the end of March.

The NEC are due to meet on 6 January and the process of choosing new Labour leader begins on the following

It comes as TBG hears that the Labour Party is to begin its election post-mortem on Tuesday.

Jeremy Corbyn has been invited to attend and it’s very likely to be bruising.

Whittingdale Set To Replace Nicky Morgan

TBG can sensationally reveal that a leading critic of the BBC is tomorrow set to become the new culture secretary.

The news that John Whittingdale is set to replace Nicky Morgan came on the same day as Treasury minister Rishi Sunak confirmed Prime Minister Boris Johnson has ordered a review of the sanction for non-payment of the £154.50 charge, which funds the BBC.

Mr Sunak told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show earlier - “That is something the prime minister has said we will look at.”

"I think it's fair to say people find the criminalisation of non-payment of the licence fee to be something that has provoked questions in the past.”

UPDATE - Nicky Morgan says “leaving the cabinet is harder than leaving the EU” as she’s appointed to the Lords and stays on as Culture Sec.

Labour Blame Game Begins

SENIOR Labour figures are today queuing up for the blame game as the dust settles at Westminster.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said - “We knew in our hearts that Jeremy Corbyn was deeply unpopular."

Len McCluskey blamed the defeat on an, “incontinent rash of policies” and failing to apologise for Antisemitism."

Lisa Nandy said - “This has been a long time coming.”

Jess Philips said - “The country has made a clear statement about how it feels about the Labour Party.”

Wes Streeting said - “The one thing Corbyn didn’t have control of was the electorate.”

However, TBG’s award for quote of the day goes to Margaret Hodge who said this:

“Corbyn talks about a period of reflection.”

“I’ve reflected. He failed! He must stand down!”

The Race To Succeed Corbyn

REMEMBER our story earlier in the week about the favourites to succeed Jeremy Corbyn?

Well it’s hotting up.

Since we said Keir Starmer was head and shoulders above the rest it seems as though the bookies agree.

They’ve made Starmer the 2-1 favourite.

However, other runners are starting to enter the fray.

John McDonnell’s choice Rebecca Long-Bailey is now second favourite at 4-1.

Angela Rayner is 7-1.

Dark horse Jess Philips is 8-1.

And Emily Thornberry is 12-1.

Boris Wins Huge Majority With Largest Vote Share Since 1970

BY winning the Conservatives biggest vote share since 1970 Boris Johnson last night won a landslide majority to Get Brexit Done and govern the country for the next five years.

On a night of spectacular gains the Conservatives got over the magical 326 seat mark by winning former Labour heartland Bolsover and ending Dennis Skinner’s long reign in the House of Commons.

It was a disastrous night for Jeremy Corbyn and Labour’s worst defeat since the war and even worse for the Lib Dem’s who lost their leader Jo Swinson.

Sturgeon Loses The Plot; Obsesses Over Boris

NICOLA Sturgeon has tonight sensationally lost the plot, TBG can reveal.

Sturgeon has been criticised both within her own party and in the country for what people say is an obsession with stopping Boris Johnson remaining Prime Minister.

So much so that one Stirling Tory told TBG that the more she rants about Boris, the more their vote share increases.

It seems as though the First Minister hasn’t held back though because tonight in a a brief interview with BBC, she told voters to vote for the SNP as they are “the best choice to stop Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.”

Viewers were quick to take to social media to voice their displeasure at her latest election tactic and it remains to see what will happen tomorrow.

TBG, however? senses a better than widely expected Conservative performance.

Boris Delivers Milk In Yorkshire

BORIS was on the early shift this morning with the help of Milk and More.

The Prime Minister started his day by helping load milk and orange juice bottles onto a delivery vehicle at Greenside Farm Business Park in Rawdon, West Yorkshire before travelling to Guiseley where he delivered a crate of items to a house.

He then reiterated campaign pledges, with a customer describing him as the “Brexit exit man".

EXCLUSIVE: Socialist Sofas Document Reveals Labour Key Targets On Election Day

Fancy somewhere to stay for the election? Look no further than Socialist Sofas

TBG can sensationally reveal plans by Labour for Election Day 2019.

The Labour party's activist base Momentum has uploaded a document to Google and alerted its members across the U.K. asking them to target just 21 marginal seats, some of which they already hold.

The document, which offers Socialist accommodation nationwide, states - “This election will be decided over the next few days - and we need you to step up, take as much time off work as you can and campaign in the marginal that needs you most.”

“That's why we're putting people who don't live in marginals but are willing to travel to them and campaign full-time, in touch with people who live in marginals and have the space to put them up.”

“To take up offers of accommodation you’re expected to self-organise and reach out to listed points of contact directly.”

The seats being targeted are Conservative target Bishop Auckland, Anna Soubry’s Broxtowe, Craig Whittaker’s Calder Valley, George Eustice’s Camborne and Redruth in Cornwall, Ian Austin’s old seat of Dudley North, Tim Loughton’s Worthing East and Shoreham, Richard Graham’s Gloucester, Robert Halfron in Harlow, High Peak, Tory Target Keighley, Ben Bradley in Mansfield, Milton Keynes, Andrea Jenkyns In Morley and Outwood, former Labour stronghold Newcastle, Penistone and Stocksbridge, Preseli In Wales, Stockton South, Stroud, Shipley, Walsall North and Tom Watson’s old seat of West Bromwich.

Tonight as the latest opinion poll gave the Conservatives a nine point and a projected majority of 28 TBG learned that Labour have gone into a panic at Leigh in Greater Manchester, a seat that used to be held by Mayor Andy Burnham.

Boris Confirms New Hospital For Harlow

BORIS Johnson confirmed the news that Harlow will be getting a new hospital on BBC Essex earlier.

He also denied claims that building 40 new hospitals are false.

Earlier this year the Prime Minister and Tory candidate Robert Halfon met with the hospital’s senior management and visited the wards to meet with patients and staff.

The Prime Minister has also announced an extra £200m for new state-of-the-art equipment to boost cancer survival rates at the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

Lincoln Brexit Party Candidate Backs Conservative

TBG can sensationally reveal that a Brexit Party candidate has tonight called upon his own supporters to back the Conservative Party candidate in Lincoln.

Reece Wilkes asked voters to back Karl McCartney after a Lincoln constituency debate on BBC Radio Lincolnshire.

Boris Up North

BORIS Johnson was in Sunderland today making a pitch for votes.

He said: “I will make sure Sunderland’s voice will be heard in the corridors of Westminster and Whitehall like never before.”

“We will give Sunderland and the rest of the north the investment it deserves.”

The PM's next call was Sunderland where the former Labour MP Gisela Stuart was out backing him again.

Sunderland was the first city to indicate Britain was heading for Brexit in 2016.

The Battle of Chingford

Labour in Chingford

TBG can sensationally reveal that there’s a huge battle going on for Chingford and Woodford Green.

That’s the seat of former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith.

The pic above is of Labour canvassers meeting earlier outside Highams Park station.

The Conservatives were doing the rounds earlier [left].

Residents are expecting lot’s of door knocks from both parties in the remaining days.

Patten Joins Has-beens In Trashing Boris

Former party chairman Chris Patten has this morning joined John Major and Michael Heseltine In rejecting his old party.

He said that anti-Brexit rebels had been “squeezed out of the Conservative parliamentary party in a way unprecedented in my political lifetime.”

He said under Mr Johnson's leadership the Tories were turning into “a narrow-based rightwing English nationalist party.”

Boris: Football’s Coming Home

BORIS Johnson is set to get behind a new bid to bring the football World Cup back to England for the first time since 1966, TBG can sensationally reveal.

The PM stepped in as goalkeeper ahead of a girls' football match in Cheadle Hulme, Greater Manchester earlier today too.

He took to the field for about 15 minutes as the under-10-year-olds' team fired penalty shots at him.

Boris Johnson has had to deal with some difficulties on the field in the past - including flattening a 10-year-old boy during a touch-rugby session in Japan.

But in net today he demonstrated he can be a fairly safe pair of hands.

The Battle To Replace Corbyn Begins

AFTER another car crash debate last night it seems as though the race is on to succeed Corbyn already.

TBG has learnt of four contenders set to battle it out to succeed Jeremy post-election.

They are favourite Keir Starmer, John McDonnell’s choice Rebecca Long-Bailey, Clive Lewis and Jess Phillips.

TBG thinks former Director of Public Prosecution’s Starmer is head and shoulders above the rest.

Also, with half of Corbyn’s ministers quite possibly facing defeat as Boris breaks down Labour’s red wall, it may well be a battle for the centre ground in 2023 or 2024 all over again.

Major Wobbly Thrown By Former PM

FORMER PM John Major is throwing his toys out of the pram again demanding voters stop an apparent incoming "Brexit landslide".

He might not be going to the lengths that his former deputy Michael Heseltine has but he’s certainly betrayed the party he once led.

Major is backing three independent MPs even though he probably can’t vote for any of them.

They are David Gauke, Dominic Grieve and Anne Milton.

All three, along with Anna Soubry are doomed for political oblivion within a week as rumours of a Brexit landslide start mounting.

Protests Force Boris To Cancel Rochester Visit

BORIS Johnson was forced to cancel a trip to Rochester in Kent earlier.

The PM Boris Johnson had been expected to make a speech to supporters outside a pub.

However, a group of protesters arrived holding signs saying "Tories out", “No to racism” and “No to Boris Johnson."

The Conservatives cancelled the visit, saying it was for "logistical reasons.”

Labour Under Investigation For Postal Fraud Again

TBG can sensationally reveal that for the second time this year, Labour are under investigation for postal vote fraud.

This time it’s in Plymouth.

Police are understood to have taken charge of inquiries into an allegation that a Labour activist revealed who another constituent had voted for via Twitter earlier this week.

It comes after Baz Ahmed, the BAME Officer for Plymouth Sutton and Devonport Labour Party, posted a picture on Twitter last week showing a voter's name, ballot paper number and a cross next to the name of Labour candidate Luke Pollard.

A Devon and Cornwall Police spokesperson told Plymouth Live: "As per national college of policing protocol, we can neither confirm nor deny whether any named individual is or has been subject to a police investigation."

Uproar As Corbyn Tries To Rig Second Referendum

THERE'S uproar this morning at the news that Jeremy Corbyn is trying to “rig” a second EU referendum.

With the polls pointing towards a Boris landslide, Labour promise in their manifesto to give a vote to all U.K. residents including EU nationals and 16 & 17 year olds.

Furthermore, they offer no credible Leave option by instead opting for either a Corbyn deal or Remain.

Speaking in Derbyshire yesterday Boris Johnson said Mr Corbyn’s stance was “bizarre.”

Mr Johnson said - “We would have six months or a year for another referendum campaign on this weird deal he wants to do and which I think people will be outraged about.”

“To think it’s going to be rigged would only cause public disquiet.”

Boris In Derbyshire

PRIME Minister Boris Johnson has been campaigning in Derbyshire.

He visited textile and garment factory John Smedley, near Matlock and promised his Brexit deal could be brought back to Parliament "before you cook your Christmas turkey" if the Tories win on 12 December.

Boris spoke to staff and answered questions from a large audience during the visit.

He even tried to sew a label on to a garment with "Get Brexit Done" on it but was told "you missed" on his first attempt.

Boris also revealed a commitment to electrifying the entire Midland Mainline, including Derby and Sheffield, a project dropped in 2017.

Brexit Party MEPs Quit to Back Boris and Urge Farage to Follow Suit

FOUR Brexit party MEPs have left the party and urged voters to back the Conservatives instead, TBG can sensationally reveal.

John Longworth and his colleagues fear that Nigel Farage’s strategy could put Brexit at risk.

He and Annunziata Rees-Mogg, sister of Jacob, Lance Forman, Lucy Harris are all now backing the Conservatives.

Lance Forman said - “It’s nothing personal towards Nigel Farage.”

“Now is the time to cement his legacy and celebrate his victory not jeopardise it.”

The Quitting MEPs say they have not been offered nor spoken with Conservative Party about their decision.

Corbyn Caught Fibbing About Queen's Speech

WATCH - Jeremy caught out trying to tell fibs

Boris Lays Out Plans For First 100 Days

BORIS Johnson is today setting out plans for the Conservatives first 100 days if they win the election.

He pledged to Enshrine in law the £39.9bn a year in extra funding promised for the NHS in England by 2023, Carry out a review of the UK's defence and security capabilities while legislation will be passed to end the automatic early release of serious violent offenders half way through their sentences, the subject of a bitter political row in the wake of last week's London Bridge terror attack

Mr Johnson says he will also start recruiting 20,000 police officers and boosting nursing numbers in England by 50,000.

Boris told TBG - "I believe the British people will choose to go forwards and not return to the nightmare of a broken hung parliament."

Conservatives Pledge Millions For Greater Manchester Tram Network

The Transport Secretary Grant Shapps was in Greater Manchester earlier.

He said that if the Conservatives win the December 12 General Election they will provide the millions of pounds needed to extend the tram network to the Bolton and Stockport.

The cash will come from a new, devolved £4.2billion long-term Local Public Transport Fund to be allocated to the eight city regions including Greater Manchester.

Another Former Labour MP Says Vote Conservative

TBG can sensationally reveal that former Bury South Labour MP Ivan Lewis is the latest figure to urge people to vote Conservative in order to beat Jeremy Corbyn.

With just over one week remaining before the country goes to the polls, the former Labour MP has said that voting Conservative is the only way to stop Mr Corbyn and appealed to voters to turn their support from him to Tory candidate Christian Wakeford.

It comes after a new Yougov poll suggested Mr Lewis was set to lose the seat he has represented since 1997 ­— with just three percent of electors saying they will vote for him.

Boris To Commit UK To NATO

TBG can sensationally reveal that Boris Johnson will today pledge his full commitment to NATO, in what the Conservatives argue is a contrast to Jeremy Corbyn.

The Prime Minster is set to say “Seventy years on, we are rock solid in our commitment to NATO and to the giant shield of solidarity that now protects 29 countries and nearly a billion people.”

Now Union Members Desert Labour

TBG can sensationally reveal that a “big number” of Unite union members are not ready to vote Labour.

Their General Secretary, Len McCluskey said that there are “huge numbers of people who are still undecided” in “important weathervane” seats in the north and midlands.

Mr McCluskey told HuffPost UK: “We did a survey of 75,000 of our own Unite members and got a lot of information, different sectors different areas of our union, and different areas of the country.”

“It’s reinforced the fact that there is still a big don’t know group there.”

“And that encourages me to an extent because I believe if people are not sure then trying to get them to look,”

“In a sense, beyond Brexit, and to the type of country we want to be in the future.”

Another Former Labour MP Urges Voters To Vote Conservative

TBG can sensationally reveal that some voters in the marginal Derby North have been getting a letter from the Conservatives, in which former Labour MP for Dudley North urges them to vote Conservative.

Boris Johnson in Southampton

The Prime Minister made a visit to Southampton Itchen today to give Royston Smith a hand.

He admitted that ships are a “problem” when trying to tackle the city’s pollution levels.

This is Boris and Home Secretary Priti Patel on a visit to ABP in the city where they discussed the success story of the Port of Southampton and the opportunities for global trade post Brexit.

Tories Pledge To Tighten Borders

THE Conservatives have today set out plans to tighten border security and protect the U.K.

They include the collection of data on goods before they arrive in order to stop smuggling, £20 million to improve security and extra border protection.

The Conservatives would also outlaw European ID cards and introduce a system of Electronic Travel Authorisation.

Priti Patel told TBG - “When people voted to leave in 2016 they were voting to take back control.”

“The consequence of EU law limiting our border capability is brought home to me every day.”

“It is the sad fact that drugs and guns reach our streets from Europe, fuelling violence and addiction.”

“I am committed to doing everything we can to secure the border and protect the U.K.”

Beast Of Bolsover Under Attack

DENNIS Skinner's election campaign office in Bolsover has been vandalised twice in a week, TBG can sensationally reveal.

A message about immigration appeared on an outside wall of the Station Road building on Sunday.

Now someone has painted "Conseratve" over the top - presumably an attempt at writing Conservative.

The veteran Labour politician has been Bolsover's MP since 1970.

Lib Dems Caught Lying About Poll Results Again

A Lib Dem activist who claims to be an expert pollster and makes money from betting on elections is in hot water, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Three misleading letters to voters have gone out recently.

The 2017 result in Penistone and Stocksbridge was this:

2017 result:

Lab 46%
Con 43%
LD 4%

Yet, according to this letter [above] sent out and signed by Smithson, it’s between Labour and the Lib Dems.

Another letter TBG has seen in Warwick and Leamington saying its a Lib Dems/Labour race when the Lib Dems were actually in third and 23,000 behind the winning Conservatives candidate.

And in the City of Durham he claims it’s a Lib Dem/Labour race when in actual fact the Lib Dems were third again and 21,000 behind winning candidate in 2017.

Former Labour MP Voting Tory As Boris Reveals Brexit Roadmap

TBG can sensationally reveal that former Labour MP Gisela Stuart has this morning announced that she will be voting Conservative.

She was joined by Michael Gove and Boris Johnson for a press conference earlier.

At the press conference Boris Johnson said he has a "Brexit roadmap.”

There will be a New state aid regime to make sure the government can intervene to protect jobs when industry is in trouble.

His government will also be Changing procurement policy to promote local economies.

And there will be a ‘Buy British' rule for public bodies which will benefit farmers.