EXCLUSIVE: Tories Preparing For Snap Autumn Poll

THE CONSERVATIVES are preparing for a snap Autumn Election, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Sources have told TBG that 1922 Committee Chairman Graham Brady is so close to the numbers required to trigger a vote of no confidence in Theresa May that he has been asking some MPs to withdraw already submitted letters.

It's thought that arch eurosceptics like Jacob Rees Mogg want more time so that May can surrender more power to Brussels before triggering the vote.

Mogg is said to privately believe that if the confidence vote was too soon, May could cause even more turmoil by winning.

However, if May surrendered more power to Brussels and further resignations took place, she would be, according to one former MP, "toast".

Boris Johnson is joint favourite to succeed May as Tory Leader after resigning as Foreign Secretary on Monday.

However, whilst Johnson is joint favourite to lead the Tories, Jeremy Corbyn is the new bookies favourite to be next PM and lead the country.

Hence that fact that Tory election strategists close to David Davis and Boris Johnson are said by one former MP to be planning for a snap General Election in order to cash in on any possible popularity boost after the inevitable leadership contest.

May is ‘Most Stressed’ party leader, according to Brits

THERESA MAY has had the most stressful year of all three of the main party leaders, TBG can sensationally reveal.

The PM topped the poll of 2,000 voters from Perkbox after a disastrous snap election and a series of political troubles in the last 12 months. In total, 53 per cent of voters cited Theresa May as having the most stressful year, compared with just 14 per cent for Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn. Vince Cable apparently had an easy ride as Liberal Democrat leader with only 3 per cent saying he’d had the most stressful year.

However, when asked which leader had been treated the worst by their party colleagues, Corbyn was identified by nearly a third of voters (32 per cent) compared with 26 per cent for May. The poll also asked voters to assess the work ethic of their local MP. On a regional breakdown, Londoners said their MPs had the strongest work ethic.

Saurav Chopra , Cofounder and CEO of Perkbox told TBG, “The job of a party leader has long been seen as a high pressure role, but it appears to have been a particularly rough ride for Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn this year, with the latter being treated the worst by his party colleagues according to our poll.”

EXCLUSIVE: Boris and Hammond in NHS Funding 'Piffle' Ding-Dong

BORIS JOHNSON and Philip Hammond have sensationally clashed at cabinet in what Boris called "An all out attack on the Brexit dividend" and described Chancellor Hammond's rejection of extra cash for other government departments as "piffle", TBG can exclusively reveal.

Whispers have reached TBG that Foreign Sec Boris had pushed so hard for extra NHS cash, announced by the Prime Minister this past weekend, that when calmly approached the Chancellor "Almost blew his top" when reacting to other budget requests, sources have revealed.

Philip Hammond told other colleagues that there was "No cash left", which apparently enraged Boris Johnson who launched the scathing verbal tirade in the Chancellor's direction.

One Tory source told TBG: "The Chancellor went all reddish and green at his gills, it was quite revealing that he maybe losing his grip on the PM. However all parties enjoyed the fresh coffee and locally sourced iced ringed doughnuts."

No.10 insiders reckon the clash between the Remain-Camp and Brexiteers in Cabinet certainly wont be the last, but it is thought that Prime Minister Theresa May seems more determined than ever to make Brexit a success for country and Party.