Has Corbyn Forgiven Alan Whitehead?

Are Jeremy Corbyn and Alan Whitehead friends again?

That's the question on TBG lips today after the Labour Leader made a surprise visit to Southampton this morning where he was forced to defend his shadow home secretary for getting her sums wrong.

Having already gained Southampton Itchen in 2015 for the first time since 1992 TBG understands that the Tories are now quietly targeting the neighbouring seat of Southampton Test which veteran MP Alan Whitehead has held since 1997.

Hence TBG's surprise at seeing Comrade Corbyn in town this morning where he pledged to raise £300 million to put 10,000 extra bobbies on the beat even though figures seen by the normally left wing BBC insist he needs to raise £430 million instead.

First, if Labour are going to stand any chance of winning the election in 2017 they need to do much more than hold on to the seats they already have.

But second, was it not Alan Whitehead who crossed swords with Corbyn over the sacking of Hilary Benn recently?

TBG swears he once heard Whitehead say: "When he was first elected as leader of the party, I didn't nominate him but I was prepared to give him my best go, but I think it has been demonstrated in the last year that whatever Jeremy's qualities are he is not someone who can put Labour across beyond the confines of Westminster."

Maybe they've kissed and made up?

Maybe not?

Another enemy of Corbyn surprised to see him in town was local council leader Simon Letts.

Another man who's spent last year called for Corbyn's head!

TBG confidently predicts another Tory Gain.