Blue Purdah

HOT ON THE HEELS of the Portsmouth Conservatives launching their General Election Campaign last Saturday TBG can sensationally reveal that behind the scenes a row has broken out over the venue of the launch.

Both Flick Drummond and Penny Mordaunt launched their campaigns at Southsea Castle on Saturday.

However, former Tory councillor Lee Hunt says that the venue was out of order because it is council property.

Hunt told TBG that Purdah rules which he says came into force when Theresa May called the election mean that the council must remain neutral of any political campaigning.

TBG has since learned that the Tories might be off the hook though because it understands that Purdah does not come into play until Parliament is dissolved on Wednesday.

Yesterday a number of Tory campaigners, including Flick Drummond and Donna Jones, were at a May Day Fayre right in the heart of the constituency and even though the area used to be a Lib Dem heartland and is just a stone throw from Gerald Vernon Jackson's Campaign HQ TBG understands they got a good response.