Labour Slammed Over Ignorance and Contempt Towards Armed Forces

Labour Croydon's Sarah Jones snapped in disrespectful photo

THE LABOUR PARTY has been torn apart by British Legion big beast Tony Pearson after activists trampled all over a war memorial in Croydon, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Images such as the one above have surfaced over the past couple of days, showing Labour Party and Momentum activists climbing all over a war memorial for a campaign election snap showing complete disregard and disrespect for war heroes.

The photos forced Labour into a grovelling apology in The Sun this week.

Now Royal British Legion chief Tony Pearson has slammed Labour's disrespect as "shocking viewing".

Pearson says: "(War memorials) designed and built in memory of the men and women who gave their lives so that we can enjoy free speech, democracy and diversity in society. This weekend, we saw that not everyone understands or even shares these values."

The Royal British Legion Chairman went on: "There’s just one problem -- Jones and her gang aren’t there to pay their respects.

"The photo has been taken to support a Labour Party campaign day. They are waving Labour placards, laughing, with at least four team members standing on top of the memorial. One even has his arms outstretched as if he’s at an all-night rave.

"In a damage limitation exercise, Jones and her team attempted to play down the scandal, pinning the blame on an over-excited activist. Anyone looking at the photograph could see this was at best being economical with the truth. It’s obvious several Labour members are stood directly on the memorial itself.

"Then came the bombshell: further images were published showing additional Jones supporters standing and waving on the memorial, once again.

"But the key question is, should we be surprised that Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party shows such ignorance towards our armed forces? Corbyn publicly refused to sing the National Anthem during the Battle of Britain service in 2015, and has spent far too much of his political career hobnobbing with representatives from the IRA and Hamas.

"Labour’s ignorance and contempt towards our armed forces is unacceptable."

Labour Students Chair Shocking Racist N-Word Tweets

[pic source]

LABOUR Students Committee Chir' in Nottingham, Bethany Barker, has been forced to apologise for posting sensationally ghastly racist tweets referring to a "n****r race" as well as other highly offensive posts about ethnic minorities, Muslims and Jews in disgusting outbursts online.

In one tweet Barker blasted, "I cooked Brandon chicken and rice, supporting the n****r race." In another she says, "My dad said ‘I’m going to black myself up for my birthday tomorrow, and be a n****r for a day'."

In another astonishing tweet Barker says, "I hate BBC One, f*cking c*nts b***k f*cking bitch I hate everyone #MayDay."

According to the Commentator she jokes about a ‘Jew Cap’ and says that Anders Behring Breivik, the murderer, should be ‘slaughtered by Muslims’ in other tweets seen online.  

Nottingham Labour students issued a statement saying: "At 2.35pm we were made aware of a series of tweets which Bethany Barker had made on a deleted personal Twitter account, which were of a racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic nature from 2012-14."

Barker followed with the below statement: "As some of you may have seen on Twitter, some screenshots have resurfaced about what have said in the past. I’m absolutely horrified and beyond disgusted about these tweets and they are in no representative of the views I hold now. I have no recollection of writing these tweets and I am unequivocally sorry for the shadow has been brought over our society because of it. These views are in no way with what I align with today and am beyond upset that I could ever say such things. This society has meant so much to me since started university and the Labour Party has been held so strongly in my heart since i've been part of it."

Can it get any worse for Corbyn? Probably.

Jones Reselected to Fight Croydon's Barwell as Local Labour MP Says Don't Vote For Corbyn

LABOUR in Croydon has re-selected Sarah Jones as its candidate in what's claimed as going to be a "brutal battle" to win Croydon Central.

Jones will contest Tory Gavin Barwell's 165 majority earned in the 2015 General Election. 

According to reports a very excited Andrew Pelling turned up to "photobomb" the celebratory snaps with Jones and Labour Council Chief Tony Newman. The Commentator claims an "over-excited Andrew Pelling was waving a sign and stood on his tiptoes, keen to ensure his face appeared in the official snaps."

Pelling, who now serves as a Labour Councillor, previously held the seat of Croydon Central when he represented the Tories before having the whip withdrawn over serious allegations from his ex-wife.

The same publication also points out that "Pelling isn’t the only concern haunting the Croydon Labour Party." In a recent interview with local newspaper The Croydon Advertiser Croydon North MP Steve Reed apparently asked voters to back Labour regardless of Jeremy Corbyn being leader.

The party's candidate for the north of the borough, Reed, resigned his position as Shadow Minister for Local Government last June claiming that Mr Corbyn's performance in the Brexit referendum would lead to "electoral annihilation".

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Party Girl Comeback Causing Backlash Among SpAds

WESTMINSTER has been buzzing since the revelations that a popular young Tory will be joining the GE2017 campaign trail as a candidate.

Notorious for their animosity, sources at the Sports and Social were recently overhead making certain remarks alluding to an alleged outburst by a former Conservative Future [CF] National Deputy Chairman, whom one Tory claimed has "been trying to gain momentum as a career politician for years."

One Tory source gleefully commented: "Yet again the Tory party girl has pipped her old enemy to the post and it's safe to say that this SpAd is less than amused and has been making this known to as many party members as possible, arranging a meeting with CCHQ for early next week."

In other exclusive Tory Party news, a source inside No.10 told TBG that leaked documents from CCHQ "show the names of which millennials from the CF world are thinking of taking their Blue ties to another level."

Kipper Councillor Joins The Blues

Cllr Alicia Denny has quit UKIP with immediate effect and joined the ruling Conservative administration on Portsmouth City Council. 

Cllr Denny said, "I am extremely proud to have been one of the first half dozen UK Independence Party members elected to Portsmouth City Council and I believe that, as a group and individually, in a short time we have made a positive contribution to the city’s life."

"However, for myself, I have decided that, following the European Union referendum, I will best be able to represent the people of Portsmouth, and particularly my Copnor residents, by joining the majority Conservative Party and support colleagues in that party in their aspirations for this great city of ours.

"As a passionate believer in democracy, who worked for more than 20 years to achieve a referendum on Britain’s EU membership, I have confidence in Theresa May as a Prime Minister and in Councillor Donna Jones as Leader of the city council that they both have the genuine interests of the people they represent at heart."

Cllr Donna Jones, Leader of the Portsmouth City Council and Conservative Group Leader said, "We are delighted to welcome Alicia to the Conservative Party. Alicia has worked closely with our administration over the last three years and this is a natural step for her following the referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union last year. Being one of only three cities in the UK run by the Conservatives means Alicia's membership is a significant one strengthening our position to deliver change."

Has Corbyn Forgiven Alan Whitehead?

Are Jeremy Corbyn and Alan Whitehead friends again?

That's the question on TBG lips today after the Labour Leader made a surprise visit to Southampton this morning where he was forced to defend his shadow home secretary for getting her sums wrong.

Having already gained Southampton Itchen in 2015 for the first time since 1992 TBG understands that the Tories are now quietly targeting the neighbouring seat of Southampton Test which veteran MP Alan Whitehead has held since 1997.

Hence TBG's surprise at seeing Comrade Corbyn in town this morning where he pledged to raise £300 million to put 10,000 extra bobbies on the beat even though figures seen by the normally left wing BBC insist he needs to raise £430 million instead.

First, if Labour are going to stand any chance of winning the election in 2017 they need to do much more than hold on to the seats they already have.

But second, was it not Alan Whitehead who crossed swords with Corbyn over the sacking of Hilary Benn recently?

TBG swears he once heard Whitehead say: "When he was first elected as leader of the party, I didn't nominate him but I was prepared to give him my best go, but I think it has been demonstrated in the last year that whatever Jeremy's qualities are he is not someone who can put Labour across beyond the confines of Westminster."

Maybe they've kissed and made up?

Maybe not?

Another enemy of Corbyn surprised to see him in town was local council leader Simon Letts.

Another man who's spent last year called for Corbyn's head!

TBG confidently predicts another Tory Gain.

Blue Purdah

HOT ON THE HEELS of the Portsmouth Conservatives launching their General Election Campaign last Saturday TBG can sensationally reveal that behind the scenes a row has broken out over the venue of the launch.

Both Flick Drummond and Penny Mordaunt launched their campaigns at Southsea Castle on Saturday.

However, former Tory councillor Lee Hunt says that the venue was out of order because it is council property.

Hunt told TBG that Purdah rules which he says came into force when Theresa May called the election mean that the council must remain neutral of any political campaigning.

TBG has since learned that the Tories might be off the hook though because it understands that Purdah does not come into play until Parliament is dissolved on Wednesday.

Yesterday a number of Tory campaigners, including Flick Drummond and Donna Jones, were at a May Day Fayre right in the heart of the constituency and even though the area used to be a Lib Dem heartland and is just a stone throw from Gerald Vernon Jackson's Campaign HQ TBG understands they got a good response.

Drummond Denies Any Knowledge of Election Announcement

Drummond [left] posing with Thatcher pic [center]

Did Flick Drummond know a General Election was coming? Here at TBG Towers we couldn't help but notice that the Portsmouth South MP was readopted as Tory candidate just days before Theresa May called the snap poll.

So, was it just a coincidence or was our Flick in the know?  

Drummond wasted no time in backing Theresa May for the Tory leadership shortly after the country voted for Brexit. May also campaigned for Drummond in both 2010 and 2015.  

The Portsmouth South MP is also close friends with the Prime Minister's P.P.S. George Hollingbury who represents nearby Meon Valley.

However, when approached by TBG Drummond denied all knowledge of the election announcement, saying: "For the record, I had not an inkling about the General Election. It was a massive surprise but I am looking forward to getting out there and talking to people about what I have done and my plan for Portsmouth."

Despite her reselection Drummond has one problem left to deal with namely what to do about her Ukip opponents in Portsmouth South.  

With rumours rife that Ukip will not be fielding a candidate in Portsmouth North because of Penny Mordaunt's eurosceptic credentials the same cannot be said for Portsmouth South where Drummond was a regular figure for the Remain camp in Southsea.  

Whatever the case, you have to take your hat off to Flick for standing by her principles.