Lib Dem Sex Party Fundraiser Boss Made Mayor.

TBG has learned that the man behind Lib Dem gay sex fundraising parties in the run up to the General Election is the new Mayor of Portsmouth.

David Fuller made national headlines by holding the events at his own private property in Fareham and openly advertising that:

Fuller (Center) and Hancock (right)
"I like my men to be men. I do love the straight, bi or married type. Very discreet and respectful. able to accommodate. I don't bite unless asked too."

"I have an out side pool and hot tub as well as an indoor Jacuzzi. Love to just to chill out and enjoy a few drinks. I do have the odd party or 2!!"

Fuller was elected Mayor at Tuesday Annual Meeting of Portsmouth City Council despite being exclusively outed by TBG and the Daily Star in 2012.

TBG understands that the move has caused widespread concern amongst members of the local Conservative Party.