MP Claims Tatler Tory’s Henchmen Doctored ‘Clinch’ Photo.

TOP Tory MP David Morris believes he was the victim of a smear campaign after being snapped in a nightclub in a passionate clinch with aide Alexandra Swann, according to the Mail on Sunday.

Friends of Morris told the paper that the image was ‘doctored’ with sophisticated Photoshop software to make the encounter more erotic than it was.

Morris is understood to believe his chief of staff Andre Walker was responsible for the plot, an allegation he denies.

Both Walker and Swann are close friends of Tatler Tory Mark Clarke, who was axed from the Tory Party following the suicide of Conservative Future member Elliott Johnson. Johnson had previously made formal complaints to Tory chiefs about allegations of bullying.

Swann recently issued a public statement on the Mark Clarke scandal on Twitter saying, "The loss of a young life is tragic but I cannot understand why the Mark Clarke story continues. Politics is a nasty business."