'Edgy' Pro EU Student Group Accused of Foul Play.

Pro UK anti-EU students have voiced their outrage today following a cheeky stunt by rip off EU funded campaign group ‘Students for Europe’.

The group have been accused of nicking the exact same ‘chalk duster’ font used by swish and professional anti- EU group ‘Students for Britain’.

AXED: EU flag disappears in new logo
The move comes after the Brussels adoring group dropped the EU flag from their original logo.

Speaking to TBG, one anti EU student said: "First they steal our right to govern our own country, next they steal our font. Do these pro EU groups know no boundaries?"

Another from Warwick University told TBG: "We’re seeing a huge number of young people sign up to join Students for Britain. We’re fed up of being governed by Brussels. The UK will be so much better off outside this political union with the EU"