'Edgy' Pro EU Student Group Accused of Foul Play.

Pro UK anti-EU students have voiced their outrage today following a cheeky stunt by rip off EU funded campaign group ‘Students for Europe’.

The group have been accused of nicking the exact same ‘chalk duster’ font used by swish and professional anti- EU group ‘Students for Britain’.

AXED: EU flag disappears in new logo
The move comes after the Brussels adoring group dropped the EU flag from their original logo.

Speaking to TBG, one anti EU student said: "First they steal our right to govern our own country, next they steal our font. Do these pro EU groups know no boundaries?"

Another from Warwick University told TBG: "We’re seeing a huge number of young people sign up to join Students for Britain. We’re fed up of being governed by Brussels. The UK will be so much better off outside this political union with the EU"

Tatler Tory Scandal Poisons Top Tory Polling Figures.

THE Tatler Tory story continues to leave its ugly stain on the Conservative Party, with fresh polling from mediocre website ConHome putting the current Chairman, Lord Feldman, on an embarrassing minus 34.3 percent.

The poll, which was published this week, could have devastating consequences.

Other Top Tories who have seen their popularity fall in recent months- although not to the same worryingly low levels, include Rob Halfon the Deputy Chairman who was the target of a supposed blackmail sex row involving National CF chairman Alex Patterson. Shortly after the story broke, the Conservative Future National Executive were dismissed by Tory HQ.

Halfon claims that he and then lover Patterson were allegedly blackmailed by former CCHQ director Mark Clarke. In a statement Halfon said that he was "ashamed" of the affair, according to the Telegraph. Despite appearing at the launch of RoadTrip 2020 in July, Halfon called off the affair earlier in May, when presented with the horrifying news that Clarke had allegedly planned to film the couple leaving the East India club.

The news comes as law firm Clifford Chance investigate alleged bullying within the Conservative Party. Mr Clarke was expelled two months ago, for life. It is alleged that he had bullied numerous activists within the Tory party youth group, Conservative Future, including Elliot Johnson. Johnson, 21, committed suicide in September 2015 having left notes about bullying. Mark Clarke denies all allegations.

However, the investigation and its legitimacy has been called into question and brandished "white wash" by some. Overseeing the inquiry, at the top of the party's board, is Rob Semple. According to the Mail on Sunday, Semple relied on Clarke and his mates to ensure the CF block voted for him- the favourite of then chairman Baroness Emma Pidding. Baroness Pidding is described as a close friend of Mr Clarke and served as Chairman of his Road Trip project, giving it vital access to Tory HQ both before and after the general election.

One CF insider told TBG - "The idea that the guy (Semple) presiding over the outcome of an investigation which is overlooking the alleged dodgy behaviour of another guy (Clarke) who supposedly helped put him in his position is a monumental cock up."

MP Claims Tatler Tory’s Henchmen Doctored ‘Clinch’ Photo.

TOP Tory MP David Morris believes he was the victim of a smear campaign after being snapped in a nightclub in a passionate clinch with aide Alexandra Swann, according to the Mail on Sunday.

Friends of Morris told the paper that the image was ‘doctored’ with sophisticated Photoshop software to make the encounter more erotic than it was.

Morris is understood to believe his chief of staff Andre Walker was responsible for the plot, an allegation he denies.

Both Walker and Swann are close friends of Tatler Tory Mark Clarke, who was axed from the Tory Party following the suicide of Conservative Future member Elliott Johnson. Johnson had previously made formal complaints to Tory chiefs about allegations of bullying.

Swann recently issued a public statement on the Mark Clarke scandal on Twitter saying, "The loss of a young life is tragic but I cannot understand why the Mark Clarke story continues. Politics is a nasty business."