Tory Activist Suicide: Family Boycott Party Probe Into Bullying.

Tory Elliott was found dead on railway tracks after leaving a note about bullies

RAY JOHNSON, the father of Tory activist suicide victim Elliott Johnson, has told TBG he is boycotting the Conservative Party's investigation into Mark Clarke and bullying allegations calling on Conservative Future activists to "anonymously" submit their accounts of bullying to their solicitors without "risk of leak".

Ray says: "We as a family have decided not to become involved with this 'so called' independent inquiry as CC have not fully answered our solicitors basic questions. Our concerns include the fact that CCHQ have been involved in framing the 'terms of reference' and that witnesses may be questioned in a manner that is favourable to the Conservative party. This may also prevent the witnesses giving full and frank answers, if they believe that party officials will later be made aware of their testimony.

"We are concerned that the hands of CCHQ will be pulling the strings from behind the scenes as their actions to date show that they are more interested in protecting the party machine and its staff, than in natural justice for Elliott and other young activists."

TBG recently revealed that law firm being used by CCHQ to conduct the bullying inquiry has long standing links with the party.

The family’s lawyer, Jane Deighton, of Deighton Pierce Glynn Solicitors, told Clifford Chance its "refusal" to spell out its Tory links suggested the investigation was "neither independent nor transparent".

An extract from Deighton Pierce Glynn Solicitors letter to Clifford Chance & CCHQ says: "You refuse to say what work Clifford Chance does for the Conservative Party. Other than the limited denials, above, you declined to disclose the links between Clifford Chance, its lawyers and staff and the Conservative Party, Ministers or Conservative Party officials, CCO ltd, Conservative Way Forward or the Young Britons Foundation."

Mark Clarke denies all allegations.

Activists can contact the Johnson's solicitors here:

Deighton Pierce Glynn Solicitors
382 City Road
London EC1V 2QA

DX 146640 Islington 4

TEL: 020 7407 0007
FAX: 020 7837 7473