Pidding Under Pressure in Tory Bullying, Suicide & Sex Plot Scandal.

Baroness Pidding and Lord Feldman

BARONESS Emma Pidding is the latest figure to feel the pressure in the Tatler Tory scandal.

It comes after Ray Johnson called the decision to award Pidding a peerage less than a month after Elliott Johnson's suicide "crass".

The Daily Mail reports that Pidding was rewarded for her work with senior election aide Mark Clarke in organising the party’s Road Trip electioneering campaign and entered the Lord just as the sex, drugs and blackmail scandal was breaking.

However, TBG can sensationally reveal that this took place less than a year after she received an OBE for the same services from Prince Charles at Windsor Castle.

Mr Johnson said in a letter published exclusively on TBG: "As you are no doubt aware, Ms Pidding’s name has cropped up on numerous occasions as a close confidante of Mark Clarke."

"Young activists are quietly claiming she is the source of leaked information to Clarke, allegedly revealing the identities of those who raised complaints about his activities."

The Daily Mail goes on to report that "Lord Feldman was always a fan of Pidding because, unlike some previous heads of the voluntary party, she never rocked the boat and was devoted to Mr Cameron."

"He also has good reason to be grateful to her."

"In May 2013, Feldman was facing calls to resign after two newspapers named him as the Tory grandee who described party activists opposed to gay marriage and with a hard-line position on Europe as ‘swivel-eyed loons’."

"Demands were made at a Tory board meeting for an inquiry into the allegations, which he always denied. Pidding marshalled forces for Feldman to defeat the move. She has also vehemently denied having anything to do with the leaks to Clarke."