Clarke Did Get Back on Tory Candidate List.

THERE are reports this afternoon that 'Tatler Tory' Mark Clarke DID get back on the Tory Candidates List after all.

This was despite apparent complaints made to CCHQ and rumours of affairs and scandals sweeping Westminster as regards his beloved Road Trip 2015.

Leaked emails seen by The Blue Guerilla between Clarke and Paul Abbott show that in the Summer of 2014 when Road Trip was visiting constituencies including Portsmouth South, Brighton Kemptown and Croydon Central, Clarke reopened his links with CCHQ 'in a good way.'

The emails however back up comments made by a former campaign manager who continues to allege that Clarke only ran Road Trip to try and get a seat at Westminster after his last candidature ended in shame in Tooting in 2010.

TBG understands that Gareth Fox, CCHQ's Head of Candidates in 2010 and 2015, reopened Mr Clarke's candidate file in the Summer of 2014.

Clarke is accused of bullying Tory activist Elliott Johnson before he killed himself in September and Sarah Jane Sewell before SJ left Conservative Future.

One email exchange between Mr Clarke and Mr Abbott on June 24th 2014 said:

"Just a quick note to remind you: I’ve spoken with Gareth Fox who will now keep your file open and active – rather than archived."

"All positive letters, endorsements, reports, clippings – you name it – it would be helpful if you/MPs/candidates could send to him directly and he will ensure they are put in your file on the top."

"Gareth and Carlyn Chisholm (Candidates Committee) will then have a cup of tea with you at Party conference to review progress, have a chat, and discuss next steps."

The news comes hours after the BBC Newsnight programme exposed how Senior Conservative Party officials received a memo in August which warned that the activist at the centre of the Tory bullying scandal was "sociopathic" and "dangerous".

A former CCHQ Campaign Manager told TBG:

"I received I don't even know how many complaints about Mark Clarke and CCHQ's endorsement of him."

"I feel irritated that no one is stepping up to try and protect these young activists who have just worked bloody hard helping to deliver a majority and deserve thanks - not to be shelved by CCHQ and yelled at by Mark Clarke."

The Sun today reports that "casual sex and pole dancing" were examples of regular activity at Road Trip 2015 events.