EXCLUSIVE: CF RoadTrip Scandal Posters in Circulation.

It seems not even Baroness Chisholm can stop CF'ers creative juices flowing this Christmas.

Tory HQ Pull Plug on Conservative Future.

SOCIAL MEDIA has gone crazy with the announcement that Tory HQ 'grinches' have demanded all Conservative Future (CF) branches cancel upcoming social events IMMEDIATELY.

The decision, which was emailed to CF branch and regional Chairman yesterday afternoon, follows the suspension of the entire National CF Executive last month. The move, which was reached in an emergency meeting of the party board, followed the tragic death of a Tory activist.

The former National Executive have been criticised for not addressing bullying within the party, following the life expulsion of former CCHQ 'Director',Mark Clarke. Mr. Clarke denies all allegations of bullying, as do the CF National Executive.

The email from Tory Party bosses, which has been seen by TBG asks that CF cancel all upcoming events following orders by the youth organisation's 64 year old temporary Chairman, Baroness Chisholm. It also encourages members to get more involved with their senior associations. TBG understands that this moves may signal the final nail in the coffin for CF, with The Times running the headline 'The party's over....'

However, TBG has heard from multiple sources that intend to fight the 'ridiculous' HQ ban.

One activist told this blog: "No offence, but who on earth are these people attempting to ruin all my hard work? I've built my branch up from scratch and have never overseen any dodgy activity. We've all done nothing but slave away for the good of the party and I'm being told me and my team can't go for a pint at the Red Lion in case it suddenly turns into some mosh pit? Do me a favour!"

Another Southampton based member said: "I've just had to cancel a little get together me and other activists were planning. It was to celebrate our hard work. I've not even met the suspended National Exec, why on earth should I have to suffer because of a few bad apples. This is unfair. I've had to put my reindeer antlers back in the cupboard."

One CF member went so far as to brief the National Press with his decision not to listen to Tory HQ. Outspoken Liam Walker of Witney, who was last week dragged into the bully row following leaked emails from 10 Downing Street to The Sun Newspaper told The Guardian: "While we recognise it has been requested that Conservative Future branches cancel any forthcoming social events, the Witney CF Christmas Curry this weekend will still be going ahead. Christmas is a time to get together and celebrate with friends and colleagues which is exactly what we intend to do."

Another member who wishes to remain anonymous told TBG: "I just want this madness to be over. I feel like CCHQ have literally left me out in the cold. They appointed Mark Clarke, they ignored our complaints. Yet, somehow, my little local branch has been told to disband all further activity. CF isn't perfect, but it's the fact CCHQ are passing the buck, as if to blame the naughty kids. When will they look themselves in the mirror?"

The saga continues...

Tory Activist Suicide: Family Boycott Party Probe Into Bullying.

Tory Elliott was found dead on railway tracks after leaving a note about bullies

RAY JOHNSON, the father of Tory activist suicide victim Elliott Johnson, has told TBG he is boycotting the Conservative Party's investigation into Mark Clarke and bullying allegations calling on Conservative Future activists to "anonymously" submit their accounts of bullying to their solicitors without "risk of leak".

Ray says: "We as a family have decided not to become involved with this 'so called' independent inquiry as CC have not fully answered our solicitors basic questions. Our concerns include the fact that CCHQ have been involved in framing the 'terms of reference' and that witnesses may be questioned in a manner that is favourable to the Conservative party. This may also prevent the witnesses giving full and frank answers, if they believe that party officials will later be made aware of their testimony.

"We are concerned that the hands of CCHQ will be pulling the strings from behind the scenes as their actions to date show that they are more interested in protecting the party machine and its staff, than in natural justice for Elliott and other young activists."

TBG recently revealed that law firm being used by CCHQ to conduct the bullying inquiry has long standing links with the party.

The family’s lawyer, Jane Deighton, of Deighton Pierce Glynn Solicitors, told Clifford Chance its "refusal" to spell out its Tory links suggested the investigation was "neither independent nor transparent".

An extract from Deighton Pierce Glynn Solicitors letter to Clifford Chance & CCHQ says: "You refuse to say what work Clifford Chance does for the Conservative Party. Other than the limited denials, above, you declined to disclose the links between Clifford Chance, its lawyers and staff and the Conservative Party, Ministers or Conservative Party officials, CCO ltd, Conservative Way Forward or the Young Britons Foundation."

Mark Clarke denies all allegations.

Activists can contact the Johnson's solicitors here:

Deighton Pierce Glynn Solicitors
382 City Road
London EC1V 2QA

DX 146640 Islington 4

TEL: 020 7407 0007
FAX: 020 7837 7473

Meet the New CF Chief.

Meet the new chief of Conservative Future [CF]. Unlike any of her predecessors, she’s a Baroness and 64 years old

DESPERATE times call for desperate measures it seems, with the Baroness Chisholm of Owlpen being parachuted into the role until such a time that a new youth organisation can be established. The move follows the suspension of the entire National Executive from their roles.

The Baroness, who does not leave much of a trace online, is hardly a familiar face within CF circles and has had a noticeable lack of presence at any CF related event.

The disgraced National Executive, who have kept low profiles since Mark Clarke was expelled from the Conservative Party for life, are unlikely to be allowed to return to their roles.

Calls from across CF circles have ranged from completely shutting down the organisation to having immediate elections.

TBG understands that there remains only one confirmed possible candidate for the role at this stage. Liam Walker, who chairs Witney Conservative Future, has remained quiet despite kicking his election campaign off early.

The move was met with mixed responses. Whilst some welcomed the decision, others shunned the announcement as "insensitive". Sources say Walker is concentrating on a comprehensive plan for the youth organisation to take it forward.

TBG sources also reveal that there are moves to establish two separate organisations; one that focuses on students and the other on young professionals. It is not understood at this stage how either would operate.

One insider tells TBG: "Whilst there are some that completely dismiss CF, there are others who have worked damn hard. Across the country, branches have come together in really difficult times. Just look at places like York, Bedfordshire and London. They’ve worked really well and can always be called on to campaign. Simply dismantling them is an insult to the hard work of so many people. The actions of a few should not tarnish the future of everyone else."

Another Leicester based activist told TBG: "It’s clear the last set of Exec members cared more about themselves than making campaigning accessible to anyone outside the RoadTrip brigade. The future should learn from the mistakes of the past. Whatever happens we need to put activist welfare at the very heart of any changes."

Clarke Did Get Back on Tory Candidate List.

THERE are reports this afternoon that 'Tatler Tory' Mark Clarke DID get back on the Tory Candidates List after all.

This was despite apparent complaints made to CCHQ and rumours of affairs and scandals sweeping Westminster as regards his beloved Road Trip 2015.

Leaked emails seen by The Blue Guerilla between Clarke and Paul Abbott show that in the Summer of 2014 when Road Trip was visiting constituencies including Portsmouth South, Brighton Kemptown and Croydon Central, Clarke reopened his links with CCHQ 'in a good way.'

The emails however back up comments made by a former campaign manager who continues to allege that Clarke only ran Road Trip to try and get a seat at Westminster after his last candidature ended in shame in Tooting in 2010.

TBG understands that Gareth Fox, CCHQ's Head of Candidates in 2010 and 2015, reopened Mr Clarke's candidate file in the Summer of 2014.

Clarke is accused of bullying Tory activist Elliott Johnson before he killed himself in September and Sarah Jane Sewell before SJ left Conservative Future.

One email exchange between Mr Clarke and Mr Abbott on June 24th 2014 said:

"Just a quick note to remind you: I’ve spoken with Gareth Fox who will now keep your file open and active – rather than archived."

"All positive letters, endorsements, reports, clippings – you name it – it would be helpful if you/MPs/candidates could send to him directly and he will ensure they are put in your file on the top."

"Gareth and Carlyn Chisholm (Candidates Committee) will then have a cup of tea with you at Party conference to review progress, have a chat, and discuss next steps."

The news comes hours after the BBC Newsnight programme exposed how Senior Conservative Party officials received a memo in August which warned that the activist at the centre of the Tory bullying scandal was "sociopathic" and "dangerous".

A former CCHQ Campaign Manager told TBG:

"I received I don't even know how many complaints about Mark Clarke and CCHQ's endorsement of him."

"I feel irritated that no one is stepping up to try and protect these young activists who have just worked bloody hard helping to deliver a majority and deserve thanks - not to be shelved by CCHQ and yelled at by Mark Clarke."

The Sun today reports that "casual sex and pole dancing" were examples of regular activity at Road Trip 2015 events.

Tatler Tory Scandal: Walker in Hot Water Over Threats Claim.

MORE sensational allegations of threats and possible assault have rocked the Conservative Party yet again tonight, TBG can reveal.

In a Facebook post Tatler Tory's reported ally Andre Walker, who was also suspended from Conservative Party conference after the suicide of 21-year old activist Elliott Johnson, says he has been accused of threatening a convicted criminal.

Walker says: "A convicted burglar and arsonist has come forward to say I threatened him. No one cares that it isn't true. Time for me to get trampled on again..."

TBG is yet unaware if the assault claim is linked. After CF'er Marina Muttik's story in the press yesterday sources say another Tory blonde bombshell may well be set to hit the headlines.

Pidding Under Pressure in Tory Bullying, Suicide & Sex Plot Scandal.

Baroness Pidding and Lord Feldman

BARONESS Emma Pidding is the latest figure to feel the pressure in the Tatler Tory scandal.

It comes after Ray Johnson called the decision to award Pidding a peerage less than a month after Elliott Johnson's suicide "crass".

The Daily Mail reports that Pidding was rewarded for her work with senior election aide Mark Clarke in organising the party’s Road Trip electioneering campaign and entered the Lord just as the sex, drugs and blackmail scandal was breaking.

However, TBG can sensationally reveal that this took place less than a year after she received an OBE for the same services from Prince Charles at Windsor Castle.

Mr Johnson said in a letter published exclusively on TBG: "As you are no doubt aware, Ms Pidding’s name has cropped up on numerous occasions as a close confidante of Mark Clarke."

"Young activists are quietly claiming she is the source of leaked information to Clarke, allegedly revealing the identities of those who raised complaints about his activities."

The Daily Mail goes on to report that "Lord Feldman was always a fan of Pidding because, unlike some previous heads of the voluntary party, she never rocked the boat and was devoted to Mr Cameron."

"He also has good reason to be grateful to her."

"In May 2013, Feldman was facing calls to resign after two newspapers named him as the Tory grandee who described party activists opposed to gay marriage and with a hard-line position on Europe as ‘swivel-eyed loons’."

"Demands were made at a Tory board meeting for an inquiry into the allegations, which he always denied. Pidding marshalled forces for Feldman to defeat the move. She has also vehemently denied having anything to do with the leaks to Clarke."

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Bullying Inquiry Law Firm Used to Groom Party Candidates.

LAW FIRM Clifford Chance, a member of the 'Magic Circle' of leading British law firms, has been used to groom a number of ambitious high-flying Tories before being selected for safe seats at the last election, TBG can sensationally reveal.

The Mirror reports that: "The party has given in to calls for an external investigation of its handling of allegations surrounding the apparent suicide of Tory supporter Elliott Johnson."

"A crunch meeting of the Conservative Party Board later agreed to ask law firm Clifford Chance to investigate."

However, where as Tory officials state that, "The Board wishes to ensure that its investigation into events surrounding Elliott’s death and the alleged activities of Mark Clarke and others is, and is seen to be, timely, objective, and comprehensive and independent from the chairman, Conservative Campaign Headquarters staff and party volunteers", sources claim that Clifford Chance is far from Independent.

MP's allegedly groomed by the firm include Banbury MP Victoria Prentis, Havant MP Alan Mak, Fareham MP Suella Fernandes, Louth MP Victoria Atkins, South Leicestershire MP Alberto Costa, Kingston & Surbiton MP James Berry, and Colchester MP Will Quince.

Berk Bektas Back With the Conservatives.

BERK BEKTAS, who you many may remember quit the Conservative Party in a blaze of publicity, has decided to hop-scotch back to the Tories, TBG can reveal.

Times seemed a bit ropey for the Conservatives when Bektas turned away from the party after many defections to UKIP and other parties in 2014. However, the Tories turned it around winning a parliamentary majority in this past May's General Election and sources now claim that Bektas is back in the Tory fold despite being Chairman of the Brookes Labour society.

One young Tory claimed: "He seems to like being chair of everything... but clearly has no set in stone views himself."

No doubt Tories will want to see more of this action from the former Oxford Brookes Conservative Future Chairman: