Tory Youth National Executive Given Marching Orders as Howlett Blows Whistle on CF 'Institutionalised Bullying'.

Big Beast Howlett speaks-up on Newsnight, CCHQ swoop into action

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE [CF] National Executive have all be sacked and stripped of their titles by Tory bosses after a devastating Newsnight report packed with allegations of sexual assault, intimidation, blackmail and bullying.

The news comes following the life-ban for Tatler Tory Mark Clarke who was subject to 25 complaints from youngsters on the Road Trip 2015 campaign.

Clarke forged close links with the national executive of the youth movement, which is made up of Alexandra Paterson, India Brummitt, Stephen Canning and Eleanor Vesey-Thompson.

Newsnight say they spoke to five CF'ers who lodged complaints before Elliott Johnson's death. Former super CF Chairman Ben Howlett MP also came out bashing the party's record on investigating bullying complaints by himself and other young activists.

Howlett also made sensational allegations that there is "Institutionalised bullying" within the Conservative Party's youth wing, an allegation that has today led to the entire CF National Executive being suspended and CF being taken into direct party control. He also says he doubts the party's version of events when Party Chairman Feldman says he had no idea about any bullying allegations relating to Clarke before August 2015.