EXCLUSIVE: Dead Tory Activist's Father Condemns 'Crass' Conservative Party Over Pidding Lords Induction.

  • Suicide victim Father declares 'now we are out for justice'

  • Says Clarke's 'still hiding'

  • Slams Clarke ally Emma Pidding's Lords introduction

  • Calls on CF'ers to speak up over RoadTrip bullying

FATHER of young Tory activist Elliott Johnson who committed suicide, after accusing senior Conservative Party officials of a bullying campaign against him, has condemned the Party's "crass" handling of the "Mark Clarke affair" as his alleged close ally Emma Pidding gets set to be inducted into the House of Lords this Tuesday.

Father Ray Johnson is furious that the person he says may have leaked the names of anonymous complaints to CCHQ over "Mark Clarke's behaviour" is set to be introduced to the House of Lords.

In another damning letter to Tory Party Chaiman Lord Feldman, Johnson says: "Yet again the Conservative Party demonstrates its crass handling of the Mark Clarke affair, with its intention to introduce Emma Pidding into the House of Lords this coming Tuesday.

"As you are no doubt aware, Ms Pidding's name has cropped up on numerous occasions as a close confidant of Mark clarke, and as Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party Board, is in a position to influence the outcome of your own internal investigation. Young activists are quietly claiming she is the source of leaked information to Clarke, allegedly revealing the identities of those who raised complaints about his activities."

Ray Johnson has clearly stated to TBG that he wants #JusticeForElliott. Mr Johnson was interviewed on Friday by Iain Dale on LBC (below) regarding the circumstances surrounding his son's suicide and told TBG: "Clarke refused to be interviewed by LBC and still hiding behind our early statement to be left to grieve in peace - but that was 6 weeks ago, now we are out for justice!"

Mr Johnson also encourages CF'ers up and down the country to submit any personal stories of bullying, anonymous or not, to TBG to put pressure on CCHQ to ensure that issues are considered in full, and not covered-up.

Ray Johnson told TBG: "This is an opportunity for young members to coalesce together and campaign as one team to put this nonsense to an end, permanently."

Mark Clarke denies any bullying allegations.

LBC Interview with Ray Johnson: