EXCLUSIVE: CF National Chairman Goes Underground After Tory Minister Affair Blackmail Revelations.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE National Chairman Alexandra Paterson has gone offline tonight after rumours she is about to swept into the Elliott Johnson suicide scandal engulfing the voluntary wing of Britain's governing party, TBG can sensationally reveal.

The Tory Youth Chairman Twitter and Facebook accounts are all offline amid revelations in the Sunday Mail of a Minister admitting an affair with an activist and then being blackmailed by Mark Clarke for political favours in return.

Tory Minister Rob Halfon came forward about a secret love affair with a Conservative campaigner, which lasted for a few months earlier this year. The Minister was reportedly told of​ an alleged plot​ ​"masterminded by Mark Clarke to film him and his lover leaving a club where they regularly met, in order to blackmail him with the pictures".

Mark Clarke says the accusations are "preposterous and belong in a spy movie".