EXCLUSIVE: Armstrong's Foliage Revealed.

SENSATIONAL ALLEGATIONS of sex and blackmail rocked the Conservative Party last night when it was revealed Government Minister Rob Halfon admitted to a sizzling affair with a senior Conservative Future (CF) Executive member after he alleged being blackmailed by Mark Clarke over the romps, threatening Halfon with snaps of the couple leaving their posh London love-nest.

The allegation is that Tory Sam Armstrong hid in the foliage outside the East India Club with a polaroid camera hoping to take snaps of the pair following a love-making meet. TBG can reveal (above) the spot where Armstrong was thought to have "set upon" to stakeout the Minister's bonking sessions.

There have been further accusations today that the entire affair was one big "Honey Trap" so the CF National Executive and RoadTrip advocates would gain access to and power over randy Government Ministers.

Armstrong told reporters that he spent his time packing leaflets on the campaign trail and denied taking the snaps.

But a source told The Commentator, "Armstrong has the integrity of the Iraqi Information Minister."

Armstrong is said to be used regularly by Tory HQ to "dig dirt" on rival Parliamentary candidates.