Sunday, 29 November 2015

EXCLUSIVE: CF Meltdown Sparks Vicious Online Response.

IN LIGHT of the recent decision by the Conservative Party to suspend the entire National Conservative Future executive, an online battle of finger pointing has taken over social media.

TBG reporters have seen a number of tweets and Facebook posts which will be sure cause alarm to Tory officials who have asked that victims affected by recent tragic circumstances speak to private counselling firm Westfield Health for help.

In one heated post which has since been deleted, one vocal critic of the CF National Executive demanded that one member "f**k off right back to the inner depth of hell from where you originated". The respondent in question is a former National Executive official.

In a separate post, the same fiery CFer has also requested via twitter that “any journos wanting gossip” should accept her price of “dinner at Dishroom (inc. drinks) for me and my 10 friends”. It is understood that the restaurant in question serves a number of top nosh dishes including Bombay Omelets and Sausage & Egg naan rolls. It would certainly be above TBG's budget.

Other names used to describe the former Exec. by other members online include "sluts", "careerists", "wide-boys", "cult followers" and "willy goblins".

Speaking to TBG, one Southampton based CF member who has asked to remain anonymous has said: "I get people are angry at some of those on the National Executive. I am. But some of the responses that have generated are really quite awful. What’s happened is truly dreadful but you don’t match bullying with bullying- I’m genuinely scared that people are going to have breakdowns over this whole sorry saga."

Another CF source known as Keith told TBG - "Bullying takes many forms. If you’re being targeted by online trolling unjustly I’d skip the Tory Party and speak to the police directly. A couple of these keyboard warriors need to log off for a bit. We need a full scale independent inquiry, not even more harassment cases."

The fall out comes at a time over widespread bullying claims within the Tory party that place former Road Trip 2015 Director Mark Clarke at its center. Mr. Clarke denies all allegations. An internal investigation is being carried out. The former National Executive have been accused of not doing enough to crack down on Mr. Clarke's influence. It is not believed that their general party membership is suspended at this stage. Regional and local CF chiefs however, remain in their roles.

Mark Clarke Defence Turns Bizarre.

THE Mark Clarke defence operation has gone from the bizarre to the ridiculous this weekend, The Mail on Sunday reports.

Speaking to journos about why Clarke chose to head to the sunny Caribbean Island of Barbados despite the chaos, the married 38 year old at the centre of a horrific bullying & blackmail scandal subtly responded by implying the paper was racist.

Clarke proclaimed: "I am with my black West Indian mother visiting my black West Indian family. I can’t control my ethnicity, I was born with it. There is a word for people who run stories about people based on their ethnicity."

Mark Clarke has been expelled from the Conservative Party for life, following allegations of bullying. Mr. Clarke denies all allegations.

TBG is reminded of the classic Lenny Henry sketch, which can be viewed HERE.

Sex & Blackmail Tories Secret CF Emails.

EMAILS between top Tories chiefs about Conservative Future were kept secret during the run-up to May's General Election, TBG can reveal.

Reports suggest that former Tory Chief Paul Abbott ordered former RoadTrip Director Mark Clarke to avoid any "paper trail" on CF and "keep all emails relating to CF on Gmail if we can".

The party is reeling from sex, drug and blackmail revelations and a suicide of 21-year old activist Elliott Johnson after bullying claims.

It's thought any secret emails on Conservative Future may be vital to the inquiry into the suicide.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Grant Shapps Resigns Over Tory Sex Blackmail Plot & Suicide Scandal.

IT'S thought that revelations in the press tomorrow pushed him over the edge.

BBC Reporting that: "Claims have engulfed the Tories following the apparent suicide in September of activist Elliott Johnson."

"Mr Johnson's father had called on Mr Shapps, a former party co-chairman, to resign over claims he ignored repeated warnings about the actions of party youth organiser Mark Clarke."

"Mr Clarke has denied any wrongdoing."

"The party has been subject to allegations of bullying, sexual assault and intimidation since Mr Johnson, 21, was found dead."

"Prime Minister David Cameron said it was a 'tragic loss of a talented young life'."

"Downing Street said the prime minister was awaiting the results of an internal investigation but Mr Johnson's father has called for an independent and external inquiry."

Shapps resignation letter can be seen here in full.

Thursday, 26 November 2015

Osborne Puts Conservative Party Firmly on the Centre Ground.

George Osborne's Spending Review once again proves that it is the Conservative Party that continues to occupy the centre ground of British politics.

It builds upon the foundations already laid out by the Chancellor over the last five years.

A five years that has seen Britain reach record levels of employment, growth, rising wages & low inflation.

Latest statistics show the highest employment rate ever at 73.7% and that it is a Conservative Government that is moving towards the goal of full employment.

The spending Review will continue to deliver economic and national security whilst at the same time reduce the levels of debt that Labour left behind.

It was a spending reveiew that is about the foundations of everything we do.

It will put Britain back in the black and living within its means and deliver economic and national security.

This is proven by the fact that spending on counter terrorism alone is to rise by 30 percent.

However, the fact that the chancellor has pledged almost £7 Billion to make housebuilding a priority, with more than 400,000 "affordable homes" to be built in England proves that it is the Conservatives who remain the party of those wanting to aspire, work hard and get on in life.

It is a Spending Review that continues the path of reducing the deficit so we deal with our debts, safeguard our economy for the long term and keep mortgage rates low.

And it is a spending review that will help the Conservatives continue to deliver for people who want to work hard, play by the rules and get on in life.

Which is far more than can be said for a Labour Party who clearly want to return to the same old days of tax and spend that saw them rack up the biggest budget deficit in our peacetime history between 1997 and 2010.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Paterson Orchestrated Elliott Johnson Support & Tatler Tory Clarke Named CF Successor.

LEAKED messages between suspended Conservative Future [CF] Chairman Alexandra Paterson, 'Tatler' Tory Mark Clarke and CF members have landed in TBG's inbox over the past 4 weeks or so.

TBG can reveal the CF Chairman putting heavy pressure on other CF members to "LIKE" a Facebook post by Elliott Johnson, who was found on the tracks at Sandy Station in September after he took his own life after being bullied.

In a Mafiosi type exchange Paterson says "We are now in crisis" and promises to "protect" members after dishing out orders to orchestrate support for a post by Elliott Johnson.

In another exchange between Mark Clarke and a CF member it's exclusively revealed that Clarke's next choice for National CF Chairman was Stephen Canning. Clarke says he wouldn't "Overtly" back Canning, but then says he didn't do that with Alexandra Paterson's bid either - a statement many Tory youth members may disagree with.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Police Investigate Tory Revenge Porn Video.

Pic source

POLICE are now investigating an alleged attempted Tory blackmail plot involving a sex tape, TBG can sensationally reveal.

The latest twist in the 'Tatler Tory' scandal saw The Mail report that Mark Clarke had tried to leak a copy of it to the media.

Clarke denies the allegations arguing that he approached the media about the film because he wanted to expose the blackmailer.

According to the Mail, the video was originally created after a youngster on the Road Trip campaign was duped into performing a sex act on Skype by an attractive blonde woman with a French name.

The French lady first contacted the victim on Facebook, where they exchanged messages. She later made contact on Skype, and stripped on screen in front of him. It was at that point she persuaded him to perform the explicit act on camera.

The alleged victim claims that he then received a demand to pay £2,500 or the film would be posted on Facebook.

He refused to pay and the threat was carried out.

The Commentator reports: "Well-placed sources have said that the video can now be used as evidence to prosecute those responsible. It is understood that Police will seek to match the furniture seen in the video along with other evidence. The source, who has seen the video, claimed that at one point a child can be heard in the background."

In a further twist Conservative Future has been branded as "The products of a modern culture where trolling, bullying, offending and terrorising people has become commonplace" by left wing critic Yasmin Alibhai Brown.

Ms Alibhai Brown tells today's i:

"Dodgy and Unruly Youth Movements have been backed unconditionally by the Tory Hierarchy for far too long."

"If David Cameron and Lord Feldman do not act decisively tame and restrain the young bulldogs of the party, we must assume they secretly support such tactics."

"Men like Mark Clarke and his cronies will rule over us one day, and when they do, the toffs in the present government will seem upright and humane."

Monday, 23 November 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Inquiry Should Extend to CF Election Result.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE [CF] members have raised sensational questions about the validity of the Cooper Coup which saw the former National Chairman fall on his sword and endorse Alexandra Paterson for CF Chairman and the rest of the "RoadTrip" slate, TBG can reveal.

Paterson once elected was then made the face of the Conservative Party's 2015 General Election Campaign.

One CF'er said: "We all know that Shapps was the Team2015 director at CCHQ and Clarke was heavily involved."

Another CF'er said: "I truly have no confidence. Certain high-up Tories would boast about fixing the Conservative Future election result to get the Team2015 they wanted. They may have been blowing their own trumpet but considering recent revelations this should be taken seriously."

A third Tory member told TBG: "It's obvious."

"The current inquiry should extend to the CF elections and the conduct of the suspended National Executive and their backers."

Reporters Catch-up With Clarke in Barbados.

Pic source

STAYING at an extravagant £1,000-a-night villa at the Coral Reef Club, Clarke was pacing around on his phone according to a reporter who caught up with the man the spotlight is firmly on in the Tory bullying, sex, blackmail and drugs plot scandal that is now a raging fire of lethal flames sweeping through the Conservative Party.

When approached by the Daily Mail yesterday, Clarke allegedly "turned pale and he immediately approached a receptionist at the nearby front desk."

Reports claims that Clarke turned and pointed towards the reporter. "Looking on the verge of tears, his voice trembled" as he shouted: "This man is from a national newspaper and he is harassing me on my holiday."

It is then claimed he walked off without responding to any of the allegations – all of which he has consistently denied.

It comes on the same day a Tory female activist said she woke up naked with an MP, after a drinks party with Clarke's allies, and has no recollection of how this came to be.

Canning in The Dock.

Former Deputy Chairman speaks out on allegations

SACKED CF National Deputy Chairman Stephen Canning has found himself in the dock after local press picked up on him finding himself intertwined in the engulfing sex & blackmail plot furore following the suicide of young activist Elliot Johnson.

It's the first sign that the scandal could affect Conservatives electorally. Braintree councillor Stephen Canning insists knew nothing about allegations of blackmail, drug-taking and sexual harassment against former youth wing chairman Mark Clarke until they surfaced in the media recently.

Canning said: "I knew nothing about potential blackmail or allegations of blackmail. No allegations did come to me and I wouldn’t have expected them to.

"I myself had not been bullied by Mark Clarke.

"They were two very separate organisations. Mark Clarke was not part of Conservative Future, the organisation I was deputy chairman of.

"Mark Clarke was director of RoadTrip 2015."

"The Conservative Future committee in itself has been dissolved and its functions have been absorbed by the party.

"I myself am still a Conservative and a Conservative Future member."

Canning is now deputy chairman of the new Conservative Trade Unionist group, of which kinky MP Rob Halfon is president.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Tory RoadTrip Scandal Shows No Sign of Ending.

THE TORY Scandal engulfing former Road Trip 2015 head Mark Clarke took another twist for the worse today.

Both The Sun and Daily Mail had him on their front pages yesterday and there are more stories in other papers too.

The Times quotes Clarke as telling Conservative Future's Sarah Jane Sewell:

"I didn’t want to talk to the candidates department about you because if I had done that, it would have de facto put a black mark against you."

The Guardian quote Ray Johnson, Elliott’s father as saying: "One thing is certain, the Johnson family will not stop until those who leaked our son’s complaint to Clarke are outed and those responsible for tolerating, or worse – encouraging Clarke and his minions, are exposed for all to see."

"The Conservative party owe it to Elliott’s memory and all those young activists who have suffered at the hands of Clarke. They must come clean."

However, it's the Daily Mail who go deepest on both the front page and a double page spread in yesterday's and today's edition.

The paper alleges that the Police are now probing the Tory Sex, Drugs and Blackmail Scandal and that a female Tory activist has been interviewed as the party fell into civil war last night.

The paper claims it has footage of a sex tape which Tatler Tory Mark Clarke used to blackmail a young activist, who was performing a sex act on the film. The revenge porn film has been handed to the police.

They also claim that at least 20 women made complaints about him to Conservative Central Office – with their names being passed on to Mr Clarke and that the first whistleblower was threatened hours after making allegations to Downing Street.

One even allegedly received a sinister call saying: "If you don’t shut her up, we will."

Brooking Lays Into Corbyn as Cameron Prepares for War.

With the United Nations Security Council effectively clearing the path for Prime Minister David Cameron to send British war planes into bomb I.S. targets in Syria The Blue Guerilla's Roving Reporter Geoff Brooking put the Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn firmly in his box this morning by calling the Leader of the Opposition, "A Left Wing Firebrand who live in Cloud Cuckoo Land."

Speaking in a phone in with Tory Boy Andrew Pierce, TBG attack dog Brooking said that he could not believe Jeremy Corbyn's stance on the issue.

"Last week in was Paris, yesterday it was Mali, today there was chaos in Brussels. Next week it could be London."

"This is exactly why we need to show solidarity with our Western allies in order to defeat the filthy evil that is ISIS."

"Otherwise we would be relying on other countries to Britain's dirty work for us."

It wasn't just Corbyn who got an earful.

TBG Boy Brooking went on to call for Foreign Affairs Select Committee Chairman Crispin Blunt to think "long and hard" and for Mr Cameron to act "as soon as possible in the national interest."

Earlier in the week Brooking wrote in the Daily Express:

"For far too long now Britain has been too reliant on the defences of other nations in beating the terrorist thugs that are Al Qaeda and Isis."

"If it isn't left wing left wing church minsters telling him how to do his job it is his own back benchers like Crispin Blunt doing the complete opposite of what they were elected to do."

"We need to keep our streets safe from these vile terrorists and the only way we can do that is by playing our part in the bombing of Isis targets in both Iraq and Syria."

"The tragic bombings in Paris as well as previous attacks like Madrid and Bali simply prove the need for action."

"Even a poll for You Gov this week showed that support for UK military intervention stands at 58% in favour and just 22% against."

"Which makes one ask what planet does Jeremy Corbyn live on?"

"It is in our own national interests to work with our allies to strike against those who pose a direct threat to the safety of British people."

"We must prevent declared UK jihadists from ever returning to the United Kingdom by stripping them of citizenship, we must tackle the ideology that lies behind the threat that we face, we need the strongest possible security checks so as to ensure that ISIL supporters do not get into Britain like happened with one of the terrorists in Paris and we need to make the world a safer place."

"The only way of doing that is eliminating the Axis of Evil that is Al Qaeda."

Mr Corbyn told a Press Conference in Bristol earlier:

"The dreadful Paris attacks make the case for a far more urgent effort to reach a negotiated settlement of the civil war in Syria and the end to the threat from Isis," Mr Corbyn said.

"It is the conflict in Syria and the consequences of the Iraq war which have created the conditions for Isis to thrive and spread its murderous rule.

"Everyone, including Muslims in Britain, wants to see the defeat of the murderous and reactionary cult of Isis"

Thursday, 19 November 2015

Tory Youth National Executive Given Marching Orders as Howlett Blows Whistle on CF 'Institutionalised Bullying'.

Big Beast Howlett speaks-up on Newsnight, CCHQ swoop into action

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE [CF] National Executive have all be sacked and stripped of their titles by Tory bosses after a devastating Newsnight report packed with allegations of sexual assault, intimidation, blackmail and bullying.

The news comes following the life-ban for Tatler Tory Mark Clarke who was subject to 25 complaints from youngsters on the Road Trip 2015 campaign.

Clarke forged close links with the national executive of the youth movement, which is made up of Alexandra Paterson, India Brummitt, Stephen Canning and Eleanor Vesey-Thompson.

Newsnight say they spoke to five CF'ers who lodged complaints before Elliott Johnson's death. Former super CF Chairman Ben Howlett MP also came out bashing the party's record on investigating bullying complaints by himself and other young activists.

Howlett also made sensational allegations that there is "Institutionalised bullying" within the Conservative Party's youth wing, an allegation that has today led to the entire CF National Executive being suspended and CF being taken into direct party control. He also says he doubts the party's version of events when Party Chairman Feldman says he had no idea about any bullying allegations relating to Clarke before August 2015.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Tatler Tory Mark Clarke Expelled from Party Ahead of Explosive Newsnight Report.

Mark Clarke [left] with allies [from left] CF Deputy, Grant Shapps MP and Baroness Pidding

A SECRET meeting of top Tory brass is understood to have taken place last night to discuss expelling Tatler Tory Mark Clarke from the Conservative Party, TBG can reveal.

The news comes ahead of an explosive Newsnight report making allegations of sexual assault, bullying and blackmail around the party’s Road Trip campaign. The report's scheduled to be broadcast tonight but a BBC source told TBG they're, "on a knife edge due to Paris" and it may go out later.

A senior Conservative source told The Commentator that the meeting took place to discuss how to handle ‘The Clarke situation’ and expelling him from the party was decided as the preferred option.

Election guru Clarke was suspended from the party following the suicide of 21-year of Elliott Johnson who killed himself amid allegations of bullying.

Earlier this week, Cabinet Minister Robert Halfon confessed to an affair with the head of the Tory youth movement, citing fears of blackmail.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

'Utterly Reprehensible' - Isaac Duffy Quits as North East Tory Youth Leader.

Letter to Tory high command leaked to TBG

TORY YOUTH Chairman in the North East Isaac Duffy has sensationally quit his role and dumped the party's youth wing altogether labelling some behaviour as "utterly reprehensible", TBG can reveal.

Well-known Tory activist Duffy says he has been "Compelled" to end his term as North East Conservative Future Chairman saying, "the past few weeks have shaken CF as an organisation and I’ve struggled to come to terms with losing a close friend to internal bullying. Due to recent allegations, I have spent the past several weeks contemplating my involvement in CF. I no longer feel able to continue working with several colleagues so therefore am compelled to end my term as Chair."

In a letter to Tory bosses, leaked to TBG, the hotly tipped National Chairman runner Isaac Duffy slammed CF'ers reaction toward the National Executive after the suicide of Elliott Johnson.

"The reaction from some of my fellow party members to the events of the past few weeks, has been utterly reprehensible. I was astounded to see petitions calling for every nationally elected officer of CF to resign - when some of the people included were in fact victims of internal bullying themselves.

"Perhaps worst of all, I’m absolutely horrified to see individuals using this tragedy for their own personal political gain."

This website had recently reported that Isaac Duffy had privately announced his intention not to restand for the North East Chairmanship in any forthcoming elections.

Monday, 16 November 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Armstrong's Foliage Revealed.

SENSATIONAL ALLEGATIONS of sex and blackmail rocked the Conservative Party last night when it was revealed Government Minister Rob Halfon admitted to a sizzling affair with a senior Conservative Future (CF) Executive member after he alleged being blackmailed by Mark Clarke over the romps, threatening Halfon with snaps of the couple leaving their posh London love-nest.

The allegation is that Tory Sam Armstrong hid in the foliage outside the East India Club with a polaroid camera hoping to take snaps of the pair following a love-making meet. TBG can reveal (above) the spot where Armstrong was thought to have "set upon" to stakeout the Minister's bonking sessions.

There have been further accusations today that the entire affair was one big "Honey Trap" so the CF National Executive and RoadTrip advocates would gain access to and power over randy Government Ministers.

Armstrong told reporters that he spent his time packing leaflets on the campaign trail and denied taking the snaps.

But a source told The Commentator, "Armstrong has the integrity of the Iraqi Information Minister."

Armstrong is said to be used regularly by Tory HQ to "dig dirt" on rival Parliamentary candidates.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

EXCLUSIVE: CF National Chairman Goes Underground After Tory Minister Affair Blackmail Revelations.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE National Chairman Alexandra Paterson has gone offline tonight after rumours she is about to swept into the Elliott Johnson suicide scandal engulfing the voluntary wing of Britain's governing party, TBG can sensationally reveal.

The Tory Youth Chairman Twitter and Facebook accounts are all offline amid revelations in the Sunday Mail of a Minister admitting an affair with an activist and then being blackmailed by Mark Clarke for political favours in return.

Tory Minister Rob Halfon came forward about a secret love affair with a Conservative campaigner, which lasted for a few months earlier this year. The Minister was reportedly told of​ an alleged plot​ ​"masterminded by Mark Clarke to film him and his lover leaving a club where they regularly met, in order to blackmail him with the pictures".

Mark Clarke says the accusations are "preposterous and belong in a spy movie".

Tuesday, 3 November 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Dead Tory Activist's Father Condemns 'Crass' Conservative Party Over Pidding Lords Induction.

  • Suicide victim Father declares 'now we are out for justice'

  • Says Clarke's 'still hiding'

  • Slams Clarke ally Emma Pidding's Lords introduction

  • Calls on CF'ers to speak up over RoadTrip bullying

FATHER of young Tory activist Elliott Johnson who committed suicide, after accusing senior Conservative Party officials of a bullying campaign against him, has condemned the Party's "crass" handling of the "Mark Clarke affair" as his alleged close ally Emma Pidding gets set to be inducted into the House of Lords this Tuesday.

Father Ray Johnson is furious that the person he says may have leaked the names of anonymous complaints to CCHQ over "Mark Clarke's behaviour" is set to be introduced to the House of Lords.

In another damning letter to Tory Party Chaiman Lord Feldman, Johnson says: "Yet again the Conservative Party demonstrates its crass handling of the Mark Clarke affair, with its intention to introduce Emma Pidding into the House of Lords this coming Tuesday.

"As you are no doubt aware, Ms Pidding's name has cropped up on numerous occasions as a close confidant of Mark clarke, and as Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party Board, is in a position to influence the outcome of your own internal investigation. Young activists are quietly claiming she is the source of leaked information to Clarke, allegedly revealing the identities of those who raised complaints about his activities."

Ray Johnson has clearly stated to TBG that he wants #JusticeForElliott. Mr Johnson was interviewed on Friday by Iain Dale on LBC (below) regarding the circumstances surrounding his son's suicide and told TBG: "Clarke refused to be interviewed by LBC and still hiding behind our early statement to be left to grieve in peace - but that was 6 weeks ago, now we are out for justice!"

Mr Johnson also encourages CF'ers up and down the country to submit any personal stories of bullying, anonymous or not, to TBG to put pressure on CCHQ to ensure that issues are considered in full, and not covered-up.

Ray Johnson told TBG: "This is an opportunity for young members to coalesce together and campaign as one team to put this nonsense to an end, permanently."

Mark Clarke denies any bullying allegations.

LBC Interview with Ray Johnson:

Monday, 2 November 2015

Liam Walker Announces National Conservative Future Leadership Bid.

RUMOURS of an imminent Conservative Future (CF) leadership challenge have come to fruition after Liam Walker announced his intention to run for National CF Chairman, TBG can reveal.

In a statement Oxfordshire based Liam Walker said: "Following a letter sent a few weeks ago from Conservative Party Chairman, Andrew Feldman, to activists in which he stated that Conservative Future elections will be held after the party review process has taken place in June, I am today announcing my intention to run for National Chair of Conservative Future."

Liam Walker
The Walker camp has seen frantic activity since this website revealed, Friday, a top CF activist would disclose his candidacy at the weekend. Walker has since featured at yawn inducing ConservativeHome and in an open letter to CF members, outlining his beliefs and hopes for the future of the organisation, which included the following:

  • Our voice back. Someone not afraid to stand up for young people in our party.
  • Put the fun back into what we do, we aren't just about delivering leaflets. Increase the number of social events including a Christmas Party.
  • Hold an annual CF National Conference giving members an opportunity to voice concerns, ideas and updates on their own branches. Would also include things like media training, social media tips and key note speakers.
  • Support our members making sure those who are willing to give up their own time to set up/run a CF branch have the support to do so. Help and advice with holding events etc.
  • Work with the party to have our own campaign teams using the Team2015 model of local people in local seats supported with CF Action Days. Invite MP's and Cabinet Secretary's to help out or speak at a campaign event.
  • Hold regular meetings across the country for members to feedback ideas and hold the National Executive to account.

Walker has categorically ruled out running a slate and says he will, "work with whoever is elected into any of the positions nationally, regionally and at branch level and encourage all to get involved in the elections if they wish.

"I look forward to the campaign and to meeting as many members of Conservative Future as possible"
- said Walker.

The announcement hasn't been met everywhere with smiles and handshakes however. One CF'er was fuming: "Receiving Liam's email tonight was absolutely disgraceful. In the wake of Elliot's death, this announcement was very premature and very self-loathing. Totally unacceptable."

Other CF'ers are buzzing with excitement: "Walker is fantastic and has a very large character. If anyone can help put CF back together it's Liam."

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