Tory Bosses Respond to Members' Concerns and Pen 2016 CF Election.

A SHORT WHILE ago CF members received a ‘No Subject’ email from the party Chairman, ‘Andrew’ Feldman, TBG can reveal.

The email asks CF members to come forward with any complaints of bullying received against ‘a member of the party’. TBG can only assume we know who this is.

Feldman assures members that a Disciplinary Committee, under the chairmanship of Edward Legard ("A well known barrister who specialises in employment and equality law") shall be taking place.

Outlining the need to stamp out bullying, Feldman provides an email address for CF members to make further complaints: simon.day@conservatives.com

In light of tragic events, the Party has also provided a counselling service to all staff and volunteers affected which members can find more about through the Party’s HR Department.

Concluding the email, Feldman reminds members that a review of the CF structure is underway and as a result, "It makes sense or the next elections for the CF National Executive to take place after this". This means, elections will take place "by the end of June 2016."

Responding to the email, TBG has been contacted by a number of CF members, with mixed reactions.

One Somerset based member said: "Well, it’s nice we’re finally hearing from the party. Everyone has been confused and unable to know where to turn. Hopefully this will calm some tensions."

A prominent London member told this blog: "I know for a fact many people will be scared to come forward. People need to know that they can be protected. The idea of facing a board of people is really daunting, especially for younger people. The party need to make it clear that people coming forward will be kept safe from the wrath of insidious forces."

Another source said: "Waiting until June to get rid of some of those so close to 'he that shall not be named', is not long enough. It is apparent that at least two executive members are still in regular contact with him. God only knows what he is instructing these people to do. Rumour has it they have been told to 'act normal'. Just how far his web of informants and bully boys stretches, remains to be seen. The Party need to get a grip and realise that he lives on through others."

TBG has been made aware that a number of top brass and MPs have demanded CCHQ take appropriate action, which may explain why an email has finally been sent to members.