Tories Should Not Engage in a Witch Hunt Against the CF National Executive.

By Tory Activists
Leon French and Matthew Wilson

THERE HAS been a lot of justified anger regarding recent events and allegations in Conservative Future. A lot of allegations against high profile CF members and others of bullying, intimidation and even sexual assault have come to light which need to be investigated thoroughly by the Party itself and, where appropriate, the police and anyone who is found to have acted inappropriately or even illegally needs to be held accountable, even if that means legal consequences.

As well as that, the party itself needs to look into its own complaints procedure to stop situations like this happening again. That said, we should not start engaging in a witch hunt against the CF national exec.

We believe that those responsible will and quite rightly be brought to justice but that would only happen after the internal investigation and the police investigation has finished. Until then it is reckless and counterproductive to go after people during these investigations. We understand the anger and frustration of what has happened, but at this time we should have unity, not division.

The allegations made against one or two people cannot be put on the shoulders of a whole group. The exec was however incompetent in not ensuring the safety and welfare of its members at certain events and it is for that reason they should resign to make way for fresh faces in an open election to reform and mend the image of Conservative Future.

We should in moments like these help each other up, dust ourselves off and stand together as Conservatives, fighting for liberty, fighting for our future and fighting together, not as factions, but together.