George Osborne is Right on Tax Credit Cuts.

GEORGE OSBORNE is absolutely right to resist calls for changes to so called "tax credit cuts" following a protest by 60,000 trades union activists in Manchester on Sunday headed by one Len McCluskey.

Is this the same Len McCluskey who's Unite union contributed £160,000 to Jeremy Corbyn's Campaign to become Labour Leader, £89,000 towards Tom Watson's Campaign to become Deputy Leader and £85,000 towards Sadiq Khan's Campaign to win the Labour Nomination for Mayor of London?

Whilst I agree with the article in the Daily Express comments section on Monday October 5th that said that "Common-sense policies will keep the Tories on course" I most certainly disagree with the assertion that "tax credit cuts are bad politics."

If that were the case then why does the latest You Gov Poll have the Conservatives leading labour by 37% to 31%? Let's put it all into perspective.

During the 2015 General Election Campaign when I was touring marginal seats on the Conservatives Battle Bus that I correctly predicted would win them a outright majority for the first time since 1992 I met employer after employer who argued that tax credits reduced productivity in the workplace.

The average so called "cut" to tax credits is £25.00 per week.

That's roughly four hours extra work per week at the national minimum wage.

If this doesn't prove what has been wrong with the British economy for the last twenty years then nothing will.

Tax Credits are a subsidising menace to the British economy, we didn't need them under the 1979 to 1997 Conservative Government, in my own opinion Labour used them to buy votes from the low paid, and we don't need them now.

Therefore, the sooner they are scrapped entirely the better.