Thursday, 1 October 2015

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Activists Queue Up to Launch 'Anti-Clique, Anti-Bullying' CF National Executive Bids.

A NUMBER of Conservative Future (CF) activists are set to launch "anti-bullying, anti-career politician, anti-scandal, anti-clique" internal election bids in the wake of the suicide of Tory activist Elliott Johnson, who left a note about bullies in the party.

TBG can exclusively reveal the rumours of a possible challenger to the CF chairmanship favourites Stephen Canning and Luke Springthorpe.

Overheard at last nights’ Pint and Patter with Conservatives for Liberty, a relatively unknown "with a pint in hand," was telling others they planned to run in the forthcoming elections "on an anti-bullying, anti-career politician, anti-scandal, anti-clique ticket." TBG can guess this will only be welcomed with open arms following recent events.
Conservative activist was planning their bid to be the next leader. An attendee of the event said the CF member,

Although the activist was not named to TBG, this blog has been told they "will be in attendance at Conservative conference in Manchester" and will be "secretly picking up support." They went on to say the Tory supporter was "proposing uploading all personal attacks during their bid to their campaign website to show members just how bitchy the youth wing has got."

With support for the favourites heavily split and recently damaged, TBG believes this runner could well be in with an outside shot.

[Click to enlarge]
Well known activist Issac Duffy reckons running for chair' "should be easy" as "all of the Roadtrip group will be gone". He also has gracious plans for the regions as this leaked conversation shows us (left).

Popular activist Liam Walker is also understood to be eyeing up the top CF National Executive post of Chairman and has been particularly vocal on the issue of bullying.

Merseyside CF Area Chairman Emilio Chiquito exclusively told TBG: "Good to see some discourse developing in regards to the CF exec. I act as Merseyside Area Chairman for them and for far too long have I been embarrassed by the personalities that run this organization and the prevailing culture that was childish at best and incredibly harmful at worst.

"The comment about the idea these sorts thinking they have a 'career in youth politics' really hits the nail on the head. There needs to be a shake up and some different people coming through the ranks. The current lot going forward on a joint RoadTrip/YBF billet was perhaps the most unhealthy thing that could have happened to this organisation.

"The CF exec needs more diverse and representative people on it, it's not enough to shrug and say 'hey that's youth politics for you'."


Anonymous said...

"an anti-bullying, anti-career politician, anti-scandal, anti-clique ticket"? Yeah right, they're all the same. There will be no change in CF, it'll be one bunch of morons taking over from the previous bunch of morons. Always has been, always will be!

Anonymous said...

Springthorpe on the slate is ridiculous especially give who he chooses to share his bed with, no offence but SJS and her followers are bad news and shouldn't be within a million miles of something like this

Anonymous said...

No. CF needs to be scrapped now and replaced, too damaged.

Anonymous said...

Bit rich coming from Isaac Duffy. The guy genuinely believes he will become leader of the party. One of the most arrogant, manipulative, back stabbing individuals in local Teesside politics.

Anonymous said...

Execs are never perfect but suicides and sex tape threats put this lot in a different league. Criminal culture means we need to report them to the authorities

Anonymous said...

'A relatively unknown with pint in hand' - what you really mean is a fairly well known who's been hiding in the shadows recently (and probably for his own personal gain) Mahyar Tousi. Another one who when there's a terrible tragedy he has to try and top it for the sympathy vote, he's a known liar

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