EXCLUSIVE: Tory Activists Petition the Prime Minister Demanding Conservative Future Leaders Resign.

CONSERVATIVE PARTY activists have sensationally begun to petition Prime Minister David Cameron calling on the "Full resignation of the Conservative Future National Executive", over the ongoing bullying, intimidation and assault revelations that have engulfed the Tory youth wing after the suicide of young activist Elliott Johnson, TBG can reveal.

The petition is open for members to sign and leave a message if they so wish.

According to the website the author is Will Millard, he states - "In light of recent events and without any inference of guilt, collusion or other involvement with numerous on-going allegations of intimidation and/or bullying in Conservative Future, we, the undersigned, call for the full resignation of the Conservative Future National Executive with immediate effect and the instigation of free, fair and transparent elections."

Some of the petition's supporters have left messages such as:

"Justice for Elliott Johnson. RIP."

"The executive has lost its legitimacy and this must be restored via fair elections."

"Elliott deserves justice."

"This is the right thing to do in light of recent events."

"The current executive was elected through an unfair election orchestrated and manipulated by Mark Clarke. It is farcical that they should attempt to continue given the recent revelations about Mr Clarke's conduct and their close proximity to him. It is in the best interests of the party for the incumbent executive to resign immediately."