EXCLUSIVE: South Tees Tories Bullying Tactics Lead to Threats & Demands.

Jade Smith (Center) with Tories Charles Heslop and Malcom Griffiths

THE TEEN TORY who sensationally quit the Conservative Party after claims she was being bullied by her local Chairman and others after unfavourable social media posts is still being hounded by South Tees Conservative Association Officials, TBG can reveal.

The Secretary for South Tees sent the former Tory, Jade Smith, 17, an email demanding an apology and threatening court action over her claims, according to sources.

In email exchanges seen by TBG the Secretary required Miss Smith to provide, "A total retraction of these unproven and unfounded comments contained in your resignation and I want to be copied in especially the comment, 'The Secretary once referred to me as a puppet of the deputy chair Political'. I did not at any time make this comment and if you do not issue a retraction to me and all of the people who received this tender of resignation defaming my good name and character then I want to know who gave you this totally untrue information to enable me to confront them personally and defend myself and I want to be copied in."

The ranting and strong demands are ongoing by South Tees officials to the young girl, who suffers from type 2 bipolar which symptoms include depression & social anxiety.

TBG has been contacted by witnesses who back up Miss Smith's claims that the Secretary told her that she was the, "Puppet of the deputy chair Political."

A South Tees Conservative Member told TBG: "Most worrying is the constant bullying and harassment from Association Chair' Chris Hobson and the Secretary towards Jade Smith. The threat of legal action is severely affecting the health of Jade. A number of members, including myself, have flagged this up. We are worried for Jade's state of health."