EXCLUSIVE: CF Cabal Face Fresh Allegations of Intimidation and Harassment.

The suicide of Elliott Johnson [above] has led to a deluge of bullying allegations against the Conservative Future [CF] National Executive

NEW ALLEGATIONS have surfaced regarding harassment and intimidation toward young Conservative Party members by the CF National Executive, as well as possibly orchestrating the freezing out CF'ers from their own local AGMs, TBG can exclusively reveal.

One CF member has contacted TBG about the way they were treated after raising concerns about the leadership by a Regional Chairman, who has since been replaced, with this website.

The source claims a senior CF National Executive member, "Bullied me into trying to ensure that I never went to the Blue Guerilla in the future about anything. They said that because I went to the media about the now former Regional Chairman, it would go on my record against me and that I put the result of the general election in danger because 'the socialists would use the story against us'. It was very aggressive and said in the future I should tell them about any issues in CF, not The Blue Guerilla."

"Another member & I were then purposefully not informed about the Worcestershire CF AGM and as a result were unable to vote. National Executive members constantly did nothing to ensure that the result of the AGM was sorted out fairly. Two senior members ignored my request to deal with this AGM result even though I was told I should turn to this senior National Exec' member in the future.

"They ignored my FB messages and did not even read them.

"I felt betrayed because I was told I could go to them in the future and I was ignored."