EXCLUSIVE: Activist to Announce Candidacy for Tory Youth National Chairman.

CONSERVATIVE FUTURE (CF) sources close a well-known top Tory activist says he plans on announcing his bid as early as this weekend, TBG can sensationally reveal.

A CF source told TBG: "We expect him to email the CF'ers he already has contact details for and then a public announcement on social media will follow. It's time for real change."

The CF National Executive has recently been under tremendous pressure to step down following the suicide of young Tory activist Elliott Johnson & the bullying scandal that has engulfed the organisation since.

TBG understands the candidate wants "a clean campaign" and "not the usual CF cat fight". A key part of the campaign is thought to include not tolerating bully behaviour and bringing a professional image to CF.

'Unelected Socialist Cult of So-called Lords Should Learn to Keep Their Noses Out.'

When will the Portsmouth City Bishop Christopher Foster and his fellow unelected, unbiblical, Jeremy Corbyn following, socialist cult of so-called Lords from the Church of England ever learn to keep their noses out of the financial politics of the House of Commons?

As that magnificent historian and Somerset Conservative MP, Jacob Rees Mogg, recently pointed out, there is a long standing tradition that the unelected House of Lords supports the financial business of the democratically elected House of Commons because the unelected Chamber only works if it accepts the legitimacy of a democratic mandate.

This dates right back to the 12th century some 800 years before even The Parliament Act became law in 1911.

Might I therefore ask the Right Rev Foster and his fellow Lords to accept this tradition because if he doesn't then it is now clear that George Osborne is left with just three options.

These are to either scrap the Lords completely, further restrict them when it comes to the legitimacy of the democratic mandate, or flood the House of Lords with more Conservative peers as was the case when we had a similar constitutional crisis to this prior to the introduction of the Representation of The People Act in 1832.

After all, it was the democratically elected will of the British People in the May General Election to support the £12 Billion benefit cuts was it not?

The Rt Rev Foster should therefore either respect the will of the British electorate or, in the words of the former Foreign Secretary, William Hague, "we should amend The Parliament Act to make clear the supremacy of the House of Commons on matters of finance" once and for all!

EXCLUSIVE: Elliott Johnson's Father Slams Clarke's 'Powerful' Backers in Letter to Tory High Command.

  • Father of Tory activist who committed suicide fears inquiry will be a whitewash

  • Mr Johnson thinks Clarke has political support 'at a higher level'

  • Calls for a full police investigation

  • Tells of 'Shock' at treatment of activists seen as 'Fodder'

RAY JOHNSON, the father of young Tory activist Elliott Johnson who recently committed suicide amid claims he was the victim of a bullying campaign, has written to Conservative Party Chairman Lord Feldman and CCHQ calling on them to hand over all the evidence regarding circumstances surrounding the suicide of his son to the Metropolitan Police, TBG can reveal.

Mr Johnson says he was "shocked" to learn about the culture of fear on the Conservative Party's general election campaign machine RoadTrip, accusing the party of failing in its duty of care and treating its young activists as, "Fodder in the pursuit of electoral victory."

Ray told TBG he was, "Pleased that young activists are finally finding the courage to raise their concerns and experiences of bullying and intimidation that has been going on within CCHQ, and, it seems CF."

TBG understands that Elliot's family heard through the national press that CCHQ were planning an internal inquiry led by Edward Legard and claims the Party didn't even offer its condolences regarding Elliott's death, on September 15, until October 5th.

Elliott's Father notes in his letter that he is convinced Mark Clarke's reappointment as RoadTrip2020 director "suggests he has political support at a higher level".

Mr Johnson told TBG that he doubts that the inquiry, "Will get to the root cause of the problem, or uncover those 'behind' Mark Clarke and his known accomplices. I believe that Clarke had powerful backers. I don't know for certain who Clarke's backers are, but the names of Emma Pidding and Grant Shapps keep cropping up."

"I think that now is the time for the Conservative party to call in the Metropolitan Police, for a full investigation - not merely try to cast Clarke out and cover-up the rest", Ray Johnson concluded.

Mark Clarke denies any bullying and intimidation allegations.

EXCLUSIVE: CF Cabal Face Fresh Allegations of Intimidation and Harassment.

The suicide of Elliott Johnson [above] has led to a deluge of bullying allegations against the Conservative Future [CF] National Executive

NEW ALLEGATIONS have surfaced regarding harassment and intimidation toward young Conservative Party members by the CF National Executive, as well as possibly orchestrating the freezing out CF'ers from their own local AGMs, TBG can exclusively reveal.

One CF member has contacted TBG about the way they were treated after raising concerns about the leadership by a Regional Chairman, who has since been replaced, with this website.

The source claims a senior CF National Executive member, "Bullied me into trying to ensure that I never went to the Blue Guerilla in the future about anything. They said that because I went to the media about the now former Regional Chairman, it would go on my record against me and that I put the result of the general election in danger because 'the socialists would use the story against us'. It was very aggressive and said in the future I should tell them about any issues in CF, not The Blue Guerilla."

"Another member & I were then purposefully not informed about the Worcestershire CF AGM and as a result were unable to vote. National Executive members constantly did nothing to ensure that the result of the AGM was sorted out fairly. Two senior members ignored my request to deal with this AGM result even though I was told I should turn to this senior National Exec' member in the future.

"They ignored my FB messages and did not even read them.

"I felt betrayed because I was told I could go to them in the future and I was ignored."

Tory Bosses Respond to Members' Concerns and Pen 2016 CF Election.

A SHORT WHILE ago CF members received a ‘No Subject’ email from the party Chairman, ‘Andrew’ Feldman, TBG can reveal.

The email asks CF members to come forward with any complaints of bullying received against ‘a member of the party’. TBG can only assume we know who this is.

Feldman assures members that a Disciplinary Committee, under the chairmanship of Edward Legard ("A well known barrister who specialises in employment and equality law") shall be taking place.

Outlining the need to stamp out bullying, Feldman provides an email address for CF members to make further complaints: simon.day@conservatives.com

In light of tragic events, the Party has also provided a counselling service to all staff and volunteers affected which members can find more about through the Party’s HR Department.

Concluding the email, Feldman reminds members that a review of the CF structure is underway and as a result, "It makes sense or the next elections for the CF National Executive to take place after this". This means, elections will take place "by the end of June 2016."

Responding to the email, TBG has been contacted by a number of CF members, with mixed reactions.

One Somerset based member said: "Well, it’s nice we’re finally hearing from the party. Everyone has been confused and unable to know where to turn. Hopefully this will calm some tensions."

A prominent London member told this blog: "I know for a fact many people will be scared to come forward. People need to know that they can be protected. The idea of facing a board of people is really daunting, especially for younger people. The party need to make it clear that people coming forward will be kept safe from the wrath of insidious forces."

Another source said: "Waiting until June to get rid of some of those so close to 'he that shall not be named', is not long enough. It is apparent that at least two executive members are still in regular contact with him. God only knows what he is instructing these people to do. Rumour has it they have been told to 'act normal'. Just how far his web of informants and bully boys stretches, remains to be seen. The Party need to get a grip and realise that he lives on through others."

TBG has been made aware that a number of top brass and MPs have demanded CCHQ take appropriate action, which may explain why an email has finally been sent to members.

EXCLUSIVE: Josh Morgan New North East CF Deputy in Executive Shake-up.

Sources say Josh Morgan (left) will be "Brilliant" as NE Deputy

NORTH EAST Conservative Future have shaken-up their executive and TBG has the full reshuffle before its official release.


Grace Hanson-Eden: Deputy Chairman, Political
Josh Morgan: Deputy Chairman, Membership*
Rebecca Hutchinson: Area Chairman, Northumberland and Tyne and Wear
Lewis Melvin: Area Chairman, County Durham and Cleveland*
Naomi Ferguson: Branches Officer, Rhys Tanner: Universities Officer
Elliot Barker: CPF Chairman
Liam Bones: Social Action Chairman*
Sam Prior: Secretary
Scott Holmes: Executive Member
Jonny Vasey: Executive Member
Keane Duncan: Executive Member, Craig Robinson: Executive Member*, Kelvin Mirfin: Executive Member*, Daniel Dowson: Executive Member*, Alex Bie: Executive Member*, Ben Glaister: Executive Member*

Chairman Issac Duffy, who publicly insists he hasn't made up his mind whether he will restand in any impending CF elections, told TBG: "I'm deeply saddened to see Kevin Wilson stand down as our Deputy Chairman (Membership). I couldn't have asked for a more hardworking, hilarious, and honest friend by my side over the past year. Now he's moved onto greater things & has left to concentrate on his job with Northumberland Conservatives. I wish him the very best of luck and am sure he'll do a brilliant job.

"I'm confident that his replacement, Josh Morgan, will do an outstanding job in the post, and am extremely happy to see Lewis Melvin from South Tees CF take over from Josh as Area Chairman for County Durham and Cleveland. Onwards and upwards!"

Tories Should Not Engage in a Witch Hunt Against the CF National Executive.

By Tory Activists
Leon French and Matthew Wilson

THERE HAS been a lot of justified anger regarding recent events and allegations in Conservative Future. A lot of allegations against high profile CF members and others of bullying, intimidation and even sexual assault have come to light which need to be investigated thoroughly by the Party itself and, where appropriate, the police and anyone who is found to have acted inappropriately or even illegally needs to be held accountable, even if that means legal consequences.

As well as that, the party itself needs to look into its own complaints procedure to stop situations like this happening again. That said, we should not start engaging in a witch hunt against the CF national exec.

We believe that those responsible will and quite rightly be brought to justice but that would only happen after the internal investigation and the police investigation has finished. Until then it is reckless and counterproductive to go after people during these investigations. We understand the anger and frustration of what has happened, but at this time we should have unity, not division.

The allegations made against one or two people cannot be put on the shoulders of a whole group. The exec was however incompetent in not ensuring the safety and welfare of its members at certain events and it is for that reason they should resign to make way for fresh faces in an open election to reform and mend the image of Conservative Future.

We should in moments like these help each other up, dust ourselves off and stand together as Conservatives, fighting for liberty, fighting for our future and fighting together, not as factions, but together.

EXCLUSIVE: Duffy Won't Restand - CF Region 'Door Open' to Leadership Contenders.

ISAAC DUFFY has "privately" announced his decision not to re-stand for North East Conservative Future (NECF) Chairman in any forthcoming internal party elections, according to sources that work closely with NECF, this website can exclusively disclose.

The favourite, Kevin Wilson, resigned as Deputy Chairman last week, which apparently "Leaves the door open". This is apparently an interesting situation as "whoever replaces Kevin Wilson as Deputy Chairman may give a clue as to who is going to be the next Chairman", say insiders.

Grace Hanson-Eden is name many are associating with the top job but she allegedly has significant reservations and inside sources are saying that she will not stand, TBG can reveal.

An NECF source who wises to remain anonymous told TBG: "Josh Morgan and Elliot Barker may be the dark horses in this election. Josh, who is Area Chairman for Durham, is certainly a contender. Elliot, who is Hexham CF Chairman as well as CPF Chairman (and previously Social Action Officer), is also a credible contender following a very successful time at Hexham CF."

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Activists Petition the Prime Minister Demanding Conservative Future Leaders Resign.

CONSERVATIVE PARTY activists have sensationally begun to petition Prime Minister David Cameron calling on the "Full resignation of the Conservative Future National Executive", over the ongoing bullying, intimidation and assault revelations that have engulfed the Tory youth wing after the suicide of young activist Elliott Johnson, TBG can reveal.

The petition is open for members to sign and leave a message if they so wish.

According to the website the author is Will Millard, he states - "In light of recent events and without any inference of guilt, collusion or other involvement with numerous on-going allegations of intimidation and/or bullying in Conservative Future, we, the undersigned, call for the full resignation of the Conservative Future National Executive with immediate effect and the instigation of free, fair and transparent elections."

Some of the petition's supporters have left messages such as:

"Justice for Elliott Johnson. RIP."

"The executive has lost its legitimacy and this must be restored via fair elections."

"Elliott deserves justice."

"This is the right thing to do in light of recent events."

"The current executive was elected through an unfair election orchestrated and manipulated by Mark Clarke. It is farcical that they should attempt to continue given the recent revelations about Mr Clarke's conduct and their close proximity to him. It is in the best interests of the party for the incumbent executive to resign immediately."

CF Scandal: A Culture of Fear, Intimidation and Contempt Seems to Have Cowed the Rest.

By Tory Activist Simon Harley

I CAN'T CLAIM to have known Elliott Johnson well, but we were, of course, known to each other. My recollections of him involve a boyish, eternally happy, young man, coupled with the fanaticism of a zealot.

He’d been writing for years, and, boy, could he write. Along with TheBlueGuerilla, ThingsElliottSays was my port of call for news and gossip on Conservative Future. I was happy when earlier this year he got himself the job of Political Editor at Conservative Way Forward – in my experience some people just end up with bullshit titles at these thinktanks, but here was Elliott in a job which seemed to suit him perfectly. Many of us, I’m sure, enjoyed his Fast Forward! emails. And, I’ll be honest, I was surprised when I learned that his tenure at that institution was seemingly being cut short.

And so, here we are, a month later. All manner of rumours and allegations are swirling around in print, online, and in places where people congregate. I’ve been active with the Conservative Party for over a decade now. The things I’ve heard and witnessed over the years are enough to fill a book which would no doubt be in the Sunday Times bestsellers’ list and keep the Daily Mirror busy for a month And that was before RoadTrip2015. The number of stories emerging now is, quite frankly, shocking. Their nature even more so. The knowledge that complaints were allegedly made, and then, equally allegedly, not acted upon, is horrifying. How can this party claim to look after the country when it can’t even look after its own?

I know for a fact that many of us in the youth movement were aware of something rotten in the State of Denmark, so to speak. But what could one do? Complaints appear to have been rejected. A culture of fear, intimidation, and contempt seems to have cowed the rest of us into submission. Everything was made subservient to the all-encompassing RoadTrip project. We all went along with it, in the hope that possibly some good might come of this unsavoury servility, i.e. a Conservative victory at the general election. The victory was ours, but at what terrible cost to Elliott, and to our consciences?

The only ones who come out of this sorry mess are those who tried to do something about the injustices piled upon them – in every instance apparently without success. Most just endured the humiliation of rejection in silence. Elliott chose another course: he made a stand, and paid the ultimate price for it. Let us not allow Elliott’s tragic death to have been in vain. Hopefully a reformed, meritocratic, fair, youth wing for the Conservative Party will be his lasting legacy.

Anyone with complaints or information bearing on abuse in Conservative Future should contact the C.E.O. of the Conservative Party, Simon Day.

Rail Minister Claire Perry Faces Questions Over Aide India Brummitt & CF Bullying Scandal.

TORY MP Claire Perry is reported to be facing serious questions over her Parliamentary aide & Conservative Future (CF) National Deputy Chairman India Brummitt, probing the Minister's knowledge of any bullying by CF leaders toward young party members, TBG can reveal.

It's alleged that Railway Minister Perry faces questions over exactly what was going on in her department when India Brummitt was hired as an aide and whether the Tory MP was aware and failed to act on any potential claims of bullying.

The news comes as TBG learns a RoadTrip visit to Chequers has been cancelled by No.10, according to Downing Street insiders.

CF Executive Told to Step Down Following Mail on Sunday Allegations.

India Brummitt (left) and Eleanor Vesey-Thompson (right)

MEMBERS of the National Executive of Conservative Future (CF) have been told once again to step down from their positions following horrifying allegations of sexual abuse, bullying and blackmail in the Mail on Sunday.

The allegations include the suggestion that one member of the national executive silenced complainants who had reported abuse and bullying. Other allegations suggest young women were harassed and sexually assaulted during campaign days.

One member of CF said, "Stephen Canning, Eleanor Vesey-Thompson and India Brummitt must accept responsibility for acting as cheerleaders for Mark Clarke during this period. If it wasn’t for their support he would not have been able to operate in this way."

"They should step down out of respect for Elliott Johnson and others who been victims of abuse under their leadership."

Parliament Street Chairman Patrick Sullivan Assaulted by Left-Wing Protester at Tory Conference.

Sullivan's suspected attacker (left)

Egg remnants
PARLIAMENT STREET Chairman & big beast Tory activist Patrick Sullivan has allegedly been attacked in what was described by witnesses as a "palm splat egg on head" assault by a left-wing protester at Conservative Party Conference in Manchester, TBG can reveal.

It's understood that Sullivan had only just arrived in Manchester at conference and was set-upon with brutish physicality by a balding leftie who was apparently wrestled to ground and arrested by police.

TBG understands Parliament Street, a leading centre-right think tank, Chairman has given a statement to the authorities and is said to be OK but "shaken-up".

George Osborne is Right on Tax Credit Cuts.

GEORGE OSBORNE is absolutely right to resist calls for changes to so called "tax credit cuts" following a protest by 60,000 trades union activists in Manchester on Sunday headed by one Len McCluskey.

Is this the same Len McCluskey who's Unite union contributed £160,000 to Jeremy Corbyn's Campaign to become Labour Leader, £89,000 towards Tom Watson's Campaign to become Deputy Leader and £85,000 towards Sadiq Khan's Campaign to win the Labour Nomination for Mayor of London?

Whilst I agree with the article in the Daily Express comments section on Monday October 5th that said that "Common-sense policies will keep the Tories on course" I most certainly disagree with the assertion that "tax credit cuts are bad politics."

If that were the case then why does the latest You Gov Poll have the Conservatives leading labour by 37% to 31%? Let's put it all into perspective.

During the 2015 General Election Campaign when I was touring marginal seats on the Conservatives Battle Bus that I correctly predicted would win them a outright majority for the first time since 1992 I met employer after employer who argued that tax credits reduced productivity in the workplace.

The average so called "cut" to tax credits is £25.00 per week.

That's roughly four hours extra work per week at the national minimum wage.

If this doesn't prove what has been wrong with the British economy for the last twenty years then nothing will.

Tax Credits are a subsidising menace to the British economy, we didn't need them under the 1979 to 1997 Conservative Government, in my own opinion Labour used them to buy votes from the low paid, and we don't need them now.

Therefore, the sooner they are scrapped entirely the better.

EXCLUSIVE: South Tees Tories Bullying Tactics Lead to Threats & Demands.

Jade Smith (Center) with Tories Charles Heslop and Malcom Griffiths

THE TEEN TORY who sensationally quit the Conservative Party after claims she was being bullied by her local Chairman and others after unfavourable social media posts is still being hounded by South Tees Conservative Association Officials, TBG can reveal.

The Secretary for South Tees sent the former Tory, Jade Smith, 17, an email demanding an apology and threatening court action over her claims, according to sources.

In email exchanges seen by TBG the Secretary required Miss Smith to provide, "A total retraction of these unproven and unfounded comments contained in your resignation and I want to be copied in especially the comment, 'The Secretary once referred to me as a puppet of the deputy chair Political'. I did not at any time make this comment and if you do not issue a retraction to me and all of the people who received this tender of resignation defaming my good name and character then I want to know who gave you this totally untrue information to enable me to confront them personally and defend myself and I want to be copied in."

The ranting and strong demands are ongoing by South Tees officials to the young girl, who suffers from type 2 bipolar which symptoms include depression & social anxiety.

TBG has been contacted by witnesses who back up Miss Smith's claims that the Secretary told her that she was the, "Puppet of the deputy chair Political."

A South Tees Conservative Member told TBG: "Most worrying is the constant bullying and harassment from Association Chair' Chris Hobson and the Secretary towards Jade Smith. The threat of legal action is severely affecting the health of Jade. A number of members, including myself, have flagged this up. We are worried for Jade's state of health."

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Activists Queue Up to Launch 'Anti-Clique, Anti-Bullying' CF National Executive Bids.

A NUMBER of Conservative Future (CF) activists are set to launch "anti-bullying, anti-career politician, anti-scandal, anti-clique" internal election bids in the wake of the suicide of Tory activist Elliott Johnson, who left a note about bullies in the party.

TBG can exclusively reveal the rumours of a possible challenger to the CF chairmanship favourites Stephen Canning and Luke Springthorpe.

Overheard at last nights’ Pint and Patter with Conservatives for Liberty, a relatively unknown "with a pint in hand," was telling others they planned to run in the forthcoming elections "on an anti-bullying, anti-career politician, anti-scandal, anti-clique ticket." TBG can guess this will only be welcomed with open arms following recent events.
Conservative activist was planning their bid to be the next leader. An attendee of the event said the CF member,

Although the activist was not named to TBG, this blog has been told they "will be in attendance at Conservative conference in Manchester" and will be "secretly picking up support." They went on to say the Tory supporter was "proposing uploading all personal attacks during their bid to their campaign website to show members just how bitchy the youth wing has got."

With support for the favourites heavily split and recently damaged, TBG believes this runner could well be in with an outside shot.

[Click to enlarge]
Well known activist Issac Duffy reckons running for chair' "should be easy" as "all of the Roadtrip group will be gone". He also has gracious plans for the regions as this leaked conversation shows us (left).

Popular activist Liam Walker is also understood to be eyeing up the top CF National Executive post of Chairman and has been particularly vocal on the issue of bullying.

Merseyside CF Area Chairman Emilio Chiquito exclusively told TBG: "Good to see some discourse developing in regards to the CF exec. I act as Merseyside Area Chairman for them and for far too long have I been embarrassed by the personalities that run this organization and the prevailing culture that was childish at best and incredibly harmful at worst.

"The comment about the idea these sorts thinking they have a 'career in youth politics' really hits the nail on the head. There needs to be a shake up and some different people coming through the ranks. The current lot going forward on a joint RoadTrip/YBF billet was perhaps the most unhealthy thing that could have happened to this organisation.

"The CF exec needs more diverse and representative people on it, it's not enough to shrug and say 'hey that's youth politics for you'."