'Victimised & Bullied' Young Tory Quits Party.

The final straw for one activist

YOUNG CONSERVATIVE Party activist Jade Smith has sensationally quit the Tory party and the South Tees executive slamming local her Chairman after being threatened with expulsion, TBG can reveal.

The activists damning resignation letter, seen by TBG, says her local Chairman "has constantly attempted to get rid of me and treated me as if I was acting in a way too disgrace the party, which I was not."

TBG recently reported about a teenage Tory claiming to be bullied and being threatened with expulsion over social media posts.

The outgoing activist also claims the South Tees Secretary once referred to her as a "puppet of the deputy chair political". Miss Smith concluded: "She acted in a very unprofessional manner as a paid employee of the party should not act in this way."

Other party members were mentioned in Smith's letter for both praise and criticism.

One member close to South Tees told TBG: "I can see many members leaving in the future over this."