EXCLUSIVE: Tory Teen Girl Theatened With Expulsion From Party Over Social Media Posts.

SOUTH TEES Conservative Association has sensationally threatened to revoke a teenage girls party membership over 'derogatory' social media posts relating to the association, TBG can reveal.

In a letter leaked to TBG, South Tees Chairman Chris Hobson appears to have at least signed off the letter stating to the 17 year-old Conservative there will be an Executive meeting to "Consider" her membership.

One hardworking Tory activist with South Tees ties said: "She's being threatened with expulsion from the CF and Tory party because of having a social media account and things she's apparently put on there. It's a disgrace, this member has freedom of speech protected by the ECHR and HRA1998. The association have provided no evidence."

Chris Hobson was apparently elected unopposed at the last AGM because an administrational error and is allegedly known to send grammatically incorrect letters.

TBG approached the female at the center of the storm for comment, she responded by saying: "I have received communication from my association relating to this issue and will be fighting for my place in this party. I worked hard during the election for the federations three candidates and I am upset that my own association are targeting me in this way, I'd be lying if I said I was the first this has happened too and I'm sure I will not be the last. I am grateful for all the support off friends inside and outside the party."