Corbyn Election is Very Concerning.

The news that Jeremy Corbyn has been elected as Leader of the Labour Party is, I believe, very concerning indeed.

As the Daily Express said on Monday September 14th the man is a threat to our national security, our economic security and every family’s own security.

His policies would mean much higher taxes for all and our own defences being put at risk. Jeremy Corbyn has a record that proves this.

Speaking on The Agenda on Press TV in 2011 he called the death of Osama Bin Laden “a tragedy.”

He told a Stop The War Coalition meeting in 2009 that Hezbollah and Hamas were his “friends”.

Speaking at a Leadership Hustings in Warrington only in July Mr Corbyn said that he opposes Briatin having nuclear defences.

Speaking at a Leadership Hustings in Nottingham in June, despite the financial crisis in 2008, Mr Corbyn said that the last Labour Government spent “too little”.

Mr Corbyn’s own economic policy, headed by a man with no experience, John McDonnell, is to “print more money” which would only push inflation up.

And speaking on Newsnight in June Mr Corbyn said that people pay “too little” in tax.

Yet this is supposed to be the man who wants to be our next Prime Minister.

Jeremy Corbyn can’t even run a Shadow Cabinet without handing out Jobs for The Boys so how on earth does he and Labour think they have the credibility to run the country.

Labour’s policies hark back to the 1980’s and at this rate so will their popularity at the next General Election.