Conference 2015: TBG'S Guide To What's On.

TBG has been WOWED this year by the number of TOP NOTCH events lined up at this year's party conference.

The mega Tory super fest, taking place in Manchester between the 4-7th of October, is certainly not to be missed. Over recent years, Conservative Future has been poorly catered for, with virtually no specific events for Young Tories.

Here are some of TBG's favourite events according to social media (so far):

Kicking off the conference is Manchester CF's welcome drinks at the 'Rain Bar' on 3rd October at 19:30. The team promise to offer a fun filled evening and a chance to explore the delights of Manchester.

On Monday 5th October, London CF are hosting a FREE midnight reception party with THE London Mayoral candidate (a candidate would have been selected at this stage). TBG has been tipped that this event is one not to miss with CF'rs desperately signing up to come along.

THEN on Tuesday 6th October, London CF ARE BACK. This time with a mouth watering curry. TBG is excited to see that the ULTRA SOUND Liam Fox MP shall be the special guest speaker. Held just outside the conference secure zone at 18:30, this event is designed to have all delegates fed and back in the main conference zone in time for night's proceedings.

National CF have also announced that they too shall be running a reception event. Thankfully placed just prior to the London mayoral midnight reception, CF'rs will be able to move from one event to the other with no issues. Taking place inside the convention centre on Monday 5th October at 21:30, CF'rs will be treated to a reception with Penny Mordaunt MP!

Tickets are quickly selling out, be sure to grab yours here (attendees must be in possession of a conference pass):

Speaking about the events to TBG, one prospective punter said: "I can't believe it. I'm gagging for the opportunity to meet other CF members and these events are class. At conference last year, I got lost and ended up drinking alone in a 'spoons. Sadly I was flashed by anti- fracking activist and made to feel unwelcome. Luckily there's so much choice this year"

Another told this blog: "I'm looking forward to a spicy Bhuna with Liam Fox and then drinks with all my mates. I've always wanted to meet Penny Mordaunt too, so I'm glad to see she'll be around. I just hope there's some spare tickets left"

If you would like to suggest an event at conference this year, let TBG know!