A Tribute: Things Elliott Says.

Elliott's TBG ident for his articles on this blog

With story after story reported in the news over the last fortnight, TBG decided it was time to remind people of the reason we all loved and adored the talented Elliott Johnson. This blog looks back and tells the story of Elliott through his work.

Elliott’s first blog piece for #ThingsElliottSays, 'Getting Rid of Gordon' was published in early January 2013. Although a serious start, he was never one to miss a funny screenshot, caption or story; TBG's favourite being the reporting of Nick Clegg strutting his stuff with his Lib Dem colleagues in a Sheffield nightclub.

As well as reporting on all the major political parties, Elliott could also be relied on to provide an in-depth and entertaining commentary on youth elections, and was quick to pounce on any scandal as it broke.

And we all remember Fletchergate...

Away from the satire, Elliott could likewise report on serious matters in vast detail, and even wrote for this blog on the odd occasion.

But as well as his eye for a story, TBG will remember Elliott for being an avid campaigner for the Conservative Party, as well as having a great knack for interviewing.

TBG will miss Elliott and his passion for a good story. We hope other people will remember him for the same reasons.