A Tribute: Things Elliott Says.

Elliott's TBG ident for his articles on this blog

With story after story reported in the news over the last fortnight, TBG decided it was time to remind people of the reason we all loved and adored the talented Elliott Johnson. This blog looks back and tells the story of Elliott through his work.

Elliott’s first blog piece for #ThingsElliottSays, 'Getting Rid of Gordon' was published in early January 2013. Although a serious start, he was never one to miss a funny screenshot, caption or story; TBG's favourite being the reporting of Nick Clegg strutting his stuff with his Lib Dem colleagues in a Sheffield nightclub.

As well as reporting on all the major political parties, Elliott could also be relied on to provide an in-depth and entertaining commentary on youth elections, and was quick to pounce on any scandal as it broke.

And we all remember Fletchergate...

Away from the satire, Elliott could likewise report on serious matters in vast detail, and even wrote for this blog on the odd occasion.

But as well as his eye for a story, TBG will remember Elliott for being an avid campaigner for the Conservative Party, as well as having a great knack for interviewing.

TBG will miss Elliott and his passion for a good story. We hope other people will remember him for the same reasons.

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Youth Leaders Face Calls to Resign Over Elliott Johnson Suicide.

CF Exec face Elliott Johnson (above) suicide backlash

THE NATIONAL EXECUTIVE of Conservative Future, the Tory youth wing, are facing calls to resign following allegations of a culture of bullying that led to the suicide of young Tory Elliott Johnson who was only 21 years of age.

Robert Porter, Deputy Area Chairman of Worcestershire CF tweeted, "If they don't, I'm going to resign, disgusted they lead us."

Another activist called Jenny tweeted, "The entire CF Exec ran on Mark Clarke's slate and have kept very schtum on these bullying allegations. It's disgusting."

One source said: "The likes of Ellie Vesey-Thompson, India Brummitt and Stephen Canning have been too close to Mark Clarke for too long. The idea they have a career in the youth movement, let alone as Parliamentary candidates is a fantasy.

"They were willing to get into bed with Clarke’s campaign in exchange for jobs in all different positions."

"If they have any decency they will quit before conference."

UKIP Youth Conference Numbers Flop Even After Ticket Price Slashed.

EXCLUSIVE: Inside Young Independence Conference today

YOUNG INDEPENDENCE, UKIP's youth wing, was expecting its lowest ever attendance at a national conference when UKIP met in Doncaster today, TBG can exclusively reveal.

In the end just 20 or so activists turned up to the failing partys youth conference, this was even after UKIP had to slash their ticket prices for young people.

The Telegraph recently reported that overall ticket sales to the party’s national conference have flopped, pointing the blame at the costly £80 a day ticket. This led to UKIP quickly announcing a reduced £10 young person’s ticket.

An insider contacted this blog earlier in the week after being told by a member of the YI council, ran by Joe Jenkins, that the party were "not expecting more than a handful of young people" this weekend. He went on to say, "the reduced prices couldn’t come quick enough."

When questioned about the current chairmanship, TBG were told: "Joe has been a much successful leader than any we’ve recently had… much more polished and pleasing to the eye. However, with UKIPs’ membership reportedly falling, he may not have much of a youth wing to lead for much longer."

CF Deputy Chairman Thought to be Embroiled in Conference Ban Elliott Johnson Suicide Probe.

Elliott Johnson is thought to have taken his own life after bullying claims

THREE Tory activists have been stripped of their Conference accreditation following the apparent tragic suicide of Conservative Party activist and fellow Party Blogger Elliott Johnson.

Johnson is thought to have left a note about bullies before taking his own life.

RoadTrip director Mark Clarke, party activist Samuel Armstrong and now rumoured to be Conservative Future (CF) Deputy Chairman Membership and/or a prominent Journalist who are the activists banned from Conference this year.

Mark Clarke has issued a statement refuting any bullying on his part - "I strongly refute any suggestion of bullying or harassment. I am not making any further comment about this matter. The family have asked for privacy and I respect both their wishes and the coroner’s process."

One Conservative Future activist told TBG - "I'm glad the Conservative Party & other authorities are investing. I hope that people will cooperate fully with the investigation and justice is served. There is no place for bullies in our party or in our team."

Potential CF National Chairman candidate Liam Walker has taken a firm stance telling TBG - "I know many colleagues within CF and in the wider party have fallen victim to Mark Clarke's bullying tactics. He has been allowed to bully his way for far too long. I would fully support the party in removing his membership. He has let down all those who worked so hard on the RoadTrip project."

'Victimised & Bullied' Young Tory Quits Party.

The final straw for one activist

YOUNG CONSERVATIVE Party activist Jade Smith has sensationally quit the Tory party and the South Tees executive slamming local her Chairman after being threatened with expulsion, TBG can reveal.

The activists damning resignation letter, seen by TBG, says her local Chairman "has constantly attempted to get rid of me and treated me as if I was acting in a way too disgrace the party, which I was not."

TBG recently reported about a teenage Tory claiming to be bullied and being threatened with expulsion over social media posts.

The outgoing activist also claims the South Tees Secretary once referred to her as a "puppet of the deputy chair political". Miss Smith concluded: "She acted in a very unprofessional manner as a paid employee of the party should not act in this way."

Other party members were mentioned in Smith's letter for both praise and criticism.

One member close to South Tees told TBG: "I can see many members leaving in the future over this."

Conference 2015: TBG'S Guide To What's On.

TBG has been WOWED this year by the number of TOP NOTCH events lined up at this year's party conference.

The mega Tory super fest, taking place in Manchester between the 4-7th of October, is certainly not to be missed. Over recent years, Conservative Future has been poorly catered for, with virtually no specific events for Young Tories.

Here are some of TBG's favourite events according to social media (so far):

Kicking off the conference is Manchester CF's welcome drinks at the 'Rain Bar' on 3rd October at 19:30. The team promise to offer a fun filled evening and a chance to explore the delights of Manchester.

On Monday 5th October, London CF are hosting a FREE midnight reception party with THE London Mayoral candidate (a candidate would have been selected at this stage). TBG has been tipped that this event is one not to miss with CF'rs desperately signing up to come along.

THEN on Tuesday 6th October, London CF ARE BACK. This time with a mouth watering curry. TBG is excited to see that the ULTRA SOUND Liam Fox MP shall be the special guest speaker. Held just outside the conference secure zone at 18:30, this event is designed to have all delegates fed and back in the main conference zone in time for night's proceedings.

National CF have also announced that they too shall be running a reception event. Thankfully placed just prior to the London mayoral midnight reception, CF'rs will be able to move from one event to the other with no issues. Taking place inside the convention centre on Monday 5th October at 21:30, CF'rs will be treated to a reception with Penny Mordaunt MP!

Tickets are quickly selling out, be sure to grab yours here (attendees must be in possession of a conference pass):

Speaking about the events to TBG, one prospective punter said: "I can't believe it. I'm gagging for the opportunity to meet other CF members and these events are class. At conference last year, I got lost and ended up drinking alone in a 'spoons. Sadly I was flashed by anti- fracking activist and made to feel unwelcome. Luckily there's so much choice this year"

Another told this blog: "I'm looking forward to a spicy Bhuna with Liam Fox and then drinks with all my mates. I've always wanted to meet Penny Mordaunt too, so I'm glad to see she'll be around. I just hope there's some spare tickets left"

If you would like to suggest an event at conference this year, let TBG know!

Corbyn Election is Very Concerning.

The news that Jeremy Corbyn has been elected as Leader of the Labour Party is, I believe, very concerning indeed.

As the Daily Express said on Monday September 14th the man is a threat to our national security, our economic security and every family’s own security.

His policies would mean much higher taxes for all and our own defences being put at risk. Jeremy Corbyn has a record that proves this.

Speaking on The Agenda on Press TV in 2011 he called the death of Osama Bin Laden “a tragedy.”

He told a Stop The War Coalition meeting in 2009 that Hezbollah and Hamas were his “friends”.

Speaking at a Leadership Hustings in Warrington only in July Mr Corbyn said that he opposes Briatin having nuclear defences.

Speaking at a Leadership Hustings in Nottingham in June, despite the financial crisis in 2008, Mr Corbyn said that the last Labour Government spent “too little”.

Mr Corbyn’s own economic policy, headed by a man with no experience, John McDonnell, is to “print more money” which would only push inflation up.

And speaking on Newsnight in June Mr Corbyn said that people pay “too little” in tax.

Yet this is supposed to be the man who wants to be our next Prime Minister.

Jeremy Corbyn can’t even run a Shadow Cabinet without handing out Jobs for The Boys so how on earth does he and Labour think they have the credibility to run the country.

Labour’s policies hark back to the 1980’s and at this rate so will their popularity at the next General Election.

EXCLUSIVE: Tory Teen Girl Theatened With Expulsion From Party Over Social Media Posts.

SOUTH TEES Conservative Association has sensationally threatened to revoke a teenage girls party membership over 'derogatory' social media posts relating to the association, TBG can reveal.

In a letter leaked to TBG, South Tees Chairman Chris Hobson appears to have at least signed off the letter stating to the 17 year-old Conservative there will be an Executive meeting to "Consider" her membership.

One hardworking Tory activist with South Tees ties said: "She's being threatened with expulsion from the CF and Tory party because of having a social media account and things she's apparently put on there. It's a disgrace, this member has freedom of speech protected by the ECHR and HRA1998. The association have provided no evidence."

Chris Hobson was apparently elected unopposed at the last AGM because an administrational error and is allegedly known to send grammatically incorrect letters.

TBG approached the female at the center of the storm for comment, she responded by saying: "I have received communication from my association relating to this issue and will be fighting for my place in this party. I worked hard during the election for the federations three candidates and I am upset that my own association are targeting me in this way, I'd be lying if I said I was the first this has happened too and I'm sure I will not be the last. I am grateful for all the support off friends inside and outside the party."