EXCLUSIVE: Rumours of CF Demotion Cause Upset & Panic.

RUMOURS are flying of the supposed DEMOTION of Conservative Future (CF) from within the voluntary party, TBG can sensationally reveal.

TBG has been briefed by a number of sources working inside the party that reveal CF may now take up residence in the ‘Friends Of’ zone, overseen by an entirely different department within the main party.

The grouping, which is typically used for country affiliations like Conservative Friends of Azerbaijan, would demonstrate a big set back for the once highly influential youth grouping.

This has form, TBG has prevoiusly reported on senior Tories disrespecting what is undoubtedly the most hardworking & enthusiastic wing of the main voluntary party and indeed likening it to a 'Conservatives friends of' type organisation. And then promtly attempting to squirm out of it.

At this stage it is unclear what action the current National Executive are taking to defend CF's current position, but it is understood they are fully aware and have yet to comment.

One insider said: "It’s sad to see CF treated in this way. Where are our executive when we need them? They can’t let this happen."

Another told TBG: "I’m just hoping this won’t change the current state of play. Does this mean I'll have to join two organisations now?"

TBG will be investigating further.