'Winter is Coming' as CF Slate Plan to Install Warden of the North.

LATEST rumours swirling around Westminster in regards to Conservative Future (CF) National Elections concern three individuals who are warning members that "Winter is Coming" and activists should be vigilant, TBG can reveal.

The prophecy comes from a rumoured slate set to take on, "the Targaryen establishment and put in place a CF of sex and drinking and not careerists" - said a source who wished to remain anonymous.

Leon French is said to be running for CF National Chairman on the slate with Matthew Wilson as the "hand of the king", which sounds so wrong outside the confines of Game of Thrones but TBG can only assume that means a Deputy role.

The third character is Tory activist Salman Anwar who is highly speculated to be the next "Warden of the North and take Yorkshire" - said the anonymous source.