EXCLUSIVE: Cardiff CF Looks to Block Kealey.

Kealey (right) wants the top job in Wales CF

A PROMINENT Cardiff Conservative Future (CF) member is said to be planning to run against the Welsh Tory Turncoat Adam Kealey, TBG can sensationally reveal.

After TBG revealed that former North Wales CF Regional Chairman is planning on running in the upcoming CF elections members of Cardiff CF have gathered together to put forward their own candidate to block the former Plaid Cymru defector.

A source close to the potential challenger has told TBG: "We all agreed that as Kealey doesn't seem to know what party he supports he should never be allowed take control of Wales CF."

"The next Welsh CF Chair needs to be a strong campaigner committed to fighting against Plaid Cymru not be considering whether to join them. Wales needs a Conservative Government not Independence."

It seems that with a crucial election to its devolved Assembly next year, CF elections in Wales are getting started earlier than the rest of the UK.