EXCLUSIVE: Kealey Hits Back But Rules Out Wales CF Bid.

ADAM KEALEY has sensationally ruled out "any bid for CF Wales" in an exclusive interveiw with TBG.

After reports that Cardiff CF was attempting to block any bid by Adam Kealey the enthusiatic Tory activist has revealed he won't be running this year but told TBG: "I had support from Janet Finch-Saunders but I decided not to go ahead with it. I also do hope CF in Wales can expand and (the executive) take notice to places outside of the capital."

A source close to the potential challenger from Cardiff CF told TBG: "We all agreed that as Kealey doesn't seem to know what party he supports he should never be allowed take control of Wales CF."

Well, Kealey has hit back at claims such claims telling TBG: "Mohammad Asgar who is an Assembly Member in the South of Wales is a former Plaid Cymru and Labour member. He was a Plaid AM and I guarantee he will have help from CF in Wales. So complaining about a regional youth position because of a defector yet they will campaign for him to keep his seat is ludicrous."

Kealey is set to go to Manchester Unversity in the new term and said this was his reason for deciding not to run.

Rumours of CF Exec Split Circulate.

DESPITE a strong start the current Tory youth national executive may be facing an internal altercation due to a dispute over direction, TBG can reveal.

With the CF Chairman and Best Practice Officer moving on to new roles outside of CF, both the Deputy Chair Political and Membership appear to be have been left isolated.

The CF National Executive, who won the previous election on the back of a strong team-driven slate under the 'Team Patterson' banner, are rumoured not to be on speaking terms.

One concerned Tory said: "It started off so nicely. They worked together organizing Roadtrips and things were so set. Now it appears that the overtly long honeymoon period is well and truly over."

Another said: "I have been in tears for weeks. Why can't we all just get along?"

EXCLUSIVE: Cardiff CF Looks to Block Kealey.

Kealey (right) wants the top job in Wales CF

A PROMINENT Cardiff Conservative Future (CF) member is said to be planning to run against the Welsh Tory Turncoat Adam Kealey, TBG can sensationally reveal.

After TBG revealed that former North Wales CF Regional Chairman is planning on running in the upcoming CF elections members of Cardiff CF have gathered together to put forward their own candidate to block the former Plaid Cymru defector.

A source close to the potential challenger has told TBG: "We all agreed that as Kealey doesn't seem to know what party he supports he should never be allowed take control of Wales CF."

"The next Welsh CF Chair needs to be a strong campaigner committed to fighting against Plaid Cymru not be considering whether to join them. Wales needs a Conservative Government not Independence."

It seems that with a crucial election to its devolved Assembly next year, CF elections in Wales are getting started earlier than the rest of the UK.

Cameron Brews EU Teacup Storm.

TEACUPS used to serve the popular British beverage at the European Union are in fact... made in England, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Questions are being asked as to whether the teacups were handed over as part of David Cameron’s official negotiations, or in fact just part of a globalised Europe. An insider in Brussels told this blog "if we leave, they (MEPs) won’t get tea! Cameron has found a fantastic bargaining chip here... we all know Juncker loves a cup of special brew in the mornings!"

When asked, a UKIP member declared this finding a "storm in a teacup."

McKenzie Elected YI Deputy Chairman.

The results are in and, as TBG predicted last week, Jamie McKenzie has come up trumps in the YI deputy leader election.

In his first post-election statement, Jamie said he wants to ensure elections and referendums are "not just fought at the ballot box and on the doorsteps, but in a range of grassroots interactions and groups." With YI often riddled with splits within its own ranks, any real attempt to impact the EU out campaign will mean not only learning to work with members of other parties, but with each other too.

Elsewhere, there were wins for Kieran Warren as Media Manager, and Matt Mackinnon as Events Officer.

The final results were not released, but this blog is trying to get hold of the numbers.

'Winter is Coming' as CF Slate Plan to Install Warden of the North.

LATEST rumours swirling around Westminster in regards to Conservative Future (CF) National Elections concern three individuals who are warning members that "Winter is Coming" and activists should be vigilant, TBG can reveal.

The prophecy comes from a rumoured slate set to take on, "the Targaryen establishment and put in place a CF of sex and drinking and not careerists" - said a source who wished to remain anonymous.

Leon French is said to be running for CF National Chairman on the slate with Matthew Wilson as the "hand of the king", which sounds so wrong outside the confines of Game of Thrones but TBG can only assume that means a Deputy role.

The third character is Tory activist Salman Anwar who is highly speculated to be the next "Warden of the North and take Yorkshire" - said the anonymous source.