Selling RBS Makes Sense But It's Only Possible With The Long-Term Economic Plan.

MP Alan Mak was so right to point out in the House of Commons today that the sale of R.B.S. seven years after it was rescued from collapse by the taxpayer under the last Labour Government would not be possible without the current Conservative Long Term Economic Plan.

The Conservatives are reducing the deficit to secure a stronger economy and a better future for Britain.

So, by taking difficult decisions like this the government is safeguarding our economy for the long term so future generations aren't left to clear up the mess as has been the case for the last five years.

Dealing with the deficit is essential to keep mortgage rates low for hardworking families so as to help them to be more financially secure and it is only by working through our long-term economic plan and continuing to reduce the deficit can we build a stronger, healthier economy for a better Britain.

In government, Labour racked up the biggest budget deficit in our peacetime history and even today Andy Burnham and his union comrades want to do it all over again.

It is the Conservatives who are cutting income tax and freezing fuel duty to help hard working and tax paying citizens be more financially secure so that they can keep more of the money they earn and are better able to provide for their families.

Long may it continue!