REVEALED: Lembit Opik Wants to Stand for Mayor of London.

TBG can sensationally reveal that Lembit Opik is considering throwing his hat into next year’s London Mayoral Election contest.

Lembit, probably more famous in the capital for his TV appearances and marriage to a Cheeky Girl, has yet to confirm whether or not he will stand as an independent or for the Liberal Democrats. However, according to the bookies who have given Lembit odds of 500/1, Tony Blair, Nigel Farage and Russell Brand all have a better chance of winning the contest.

On social media Lembit’s announcement was met with some scepticism. One person tweeted, "you're a nice bloke @lembitopik but I feel that's flight of fantasy too far. You aren't seen as having strong London connection for starters." Another said it "would be a great idea" but only so they could "throw a parsnip" at him.

TBG does not condone the throwing of parsnips or any other root vegetables at politicians... even Lembit Opik.