Labour at War in Peterborough.

LABOUR are well and truly at war in Peterborough today.

TBG can sensationally reveal that a vote of no confidence in the current Leadership of the Labour Group on the City Council is due to take place after the party FORGOT to put forward the name of their own candidate to be council leader.

Leaked e mails seen by TBG show that Labour’s Cllr Mohammed Jamil was due to stand against Conservative John Holdich before what is being described by the Labour Party as a "monumental cock-up" ensued that resulted in John Holdrich being elected UN-OPPOSED!

Cllr Shearman’s email states:

"As for last night’s ill-fated council leadership counter-nomination, if anyone is looking for a conspiracy then they are going to be disappointed!"

"It was no more than a monumental cock-up involving a number of people, including myself for not ensuring at the group meeting that we confirmed who was to propose and second the nomination at full council."

"When questioned after the meeting as to why the nomination was not made, Jamil had the choice of saying either ‘we made a cock-up and no one was sure who was proposing/seconding’ (that would have looked good in the press and on Twitter) or being less than truthful and telling Joel he had decided not to stand."

"To his credit he protected the group by choosing the latter."

Ironically, Cllr Jamil was only appointed Group Leader a week earlier.
Left-wing disobedience in P'boro

Labour Councillor Jo Johnson who is proposing the vote of no confidence in Jamil told a TBG mole after the meeting:

"We agreed at a Labour group meeting to oppose Cllr Holdich’s leadership with Cllr Jamil to stand but he did not do so."

"There will be a vote of no confidence in the group, and if they do not get it I will walk from the party."

A further leaked email seen by TBG shows that Labour Councillor Richard Ferris took full responsibility for the failure to nominate Cllr Jamil and offered his resignation as group secretary.

In response to the sensational leaks from TBG they said:

"The Labour Party does not respond to unsubstantiated leaked emails."

Yeah Right!

Peterborough Council remains Hung after polls on the same day saw Stewart Jackson return as local MP.

The Conservatives hold 26 of the 57 seats in the council, with one seat vacant.