EXCLUSIVE: Shots Fired in UKIP YI Election Contest.

THIS past week TBG exclusively revealed the news of Jamie McKenzie’s intention to stand as YI deputy chairman. This blog has heard from a YI insider, who wishes to be known only as ‘S’ that the contest is really starting to heat up.

The first shots allegedly came from the McKenzie camp, with the official release of his very flashy manifesto and an attack ad which reads "end the cosy boys club." Looking at this articles headline photo, we can possibly see what he means.

Other McKenzie policies include trying to reach out to the LGBT community following the banning of UKIP from this year’s gay pride, and standing up against the dreaded NUS.

Thomas Hoof, Jamie’s only opponent, is running a campaign based on his appeal as the most experienced and the "least divisive" candidate, however his connections with former chairman Jack Duffin may be enough to lose him this particular contest. Hoof does promise to "manage disputes" – with YI’s history this may not be a bad policy.