EXCLUSIVE: CWF Plunged Into Data Theft Row.

The CWF Website may also be scamming your information

CONSERVATIVE WAY FORWARD (CWF), a pressure group and campaign tool for the Conservative Party, is at the centre of a huge storm over data theft of Conservative Future (CF) activists and visitors to their website page which shows the newly elected representatives of its organising committee, TBG can sensationally reveal.

Since TBG last reported on a potential data leak within the CF National Executive and this data being used for outside projects by its Members, TBG can reveal we have seen more evidence of activists receiving campaign material via email from other now elected representatives of the CWF committee without giving any particular candidate their information for such correspondence.

Some visitors to the CWF website were met with a warning by various firewall providers which are more suited to dodgy 18+ websites. The warning though seems serious & stark, it included the scamming of personal and financial information.

It's yet unknown how deep this scandal may go or affect the organisation going forward.