EXCLUSIVE: CF Storm After 'Leaked' Mail List.

FURY has erupted over the alleged leaked list of young Tories by a senior Conservative Future (CF) executive member, TBG can reveal.

TBG has been inundated with messages expressing outrage at activists seemingly having their private emails used to help promote the private campaigning of a current National Executive member, for a position outside of Conservative Future.

The email, which was sent to hundreds of CF activists this week, has been accused of breaching strict Conservative Party rules on data and is quickly becoming known as 'emailgate'.

The email disclaimer seen by TBG reveals an address registered in Essex and upon investigation it appears the list rests within the property of a Sports Business.

One Tory was spitting feathers: "I don't know how my email address was obtained. I'm really funny about my private details being given out, so I was a little bit alarmed. I gave my email to CF, sure, but I'm a bit worried about where else my private details have gone."

TBG has learned that several official complaints have been made in what could be seen by some as the first throws in the organisation's national election campaign.